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Airborne 05.01.15: Blue Origin Flies!, ForeFlight 7, Farewell Ashley!
Sun, May 03,2015 10:19:51PM EST
Also: New Airborne Host Brianne Cross, NTSB Won't Reopen 'Big Bopper'Case, Barnstorming, Dava Newman, NASA Budget, Star Wars UAVs, 757 Bug Research Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos announced the successful first developmental test flight of his New-Shepherd space vehicle yesterday. It’s reported the 110,000-pound thrust liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen BE-3 engine worked flawlessly, powering New-Shepard through Mach 3 to its planned test altitude of 307,000 feet. The NTSB will not go back and review information related to an accident which occurred on February 3, 1959 that has been called "the day the music died."A New England man, L.J. Coon, had requested that the NTSB re-open its docket on the accident that fatally injured Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. 'The Big Bopper'Richardson. Pilot Roger Peterson also died in the accident. The makers of ForeFlight have released version 7 of their flight planning software, saying this latest release offers a more advanced Procedure Advisor and a dramatically improved navigation database that enables visual preview of SIDs, STARs, approaches, and pattern entries. And Ashley passes the Hosting chores for Airborne Unlimited over to Brianne Cross. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Klyde Morris (05.04.15)
Sun, May 03,2015 02:27:42PM EST
Klyde Can't Take The Strain Of The Kentucky Derby... and Funny Hats FMI:

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.04.15)
Sun, May 03,2015 02:24:59PM EST
"Ryanair confirms that it has investigated a fraudulent electronic transfer via a Chinese bank last week... The airline has been working with its banks and the relevant authorities and understands that the funds – less than $5 million – have now been frozen. The airline expects these funds to be repaid shortly, and has taken steps to ensure that this type of transfer cannot recur."Source: Ryanair, via a number of media quotes, commenting on the fact their bank accounts got hacked for several million dollars...

Swiss Postal Service Mulls Delivery By UAV
Sat, May 02,2015 06:22:18PM EST
Authorized By The Government To Test Home Mail Delivery System Imagine that, instead of a truck pulling up in front of your house or a person walking up onto your front porch to deliver the mail, it came via a quadcopter buzzing through the neighborhood.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.03.15)
Sat, May 02,2015 06:02:30PM EST
"The 777-300ER forms the backbone of our long-haul fleet. We operate the largest 777-300ER fleet in Asia, and this super-efficient long haul aircraft allows us to operate multiple daily frequencies to intercontinental markets, which gives our customers a lot of choices."Source: Ivan Chu, Chief Executive, Cathay Pacific Airways, commenting on the addition of their 50th 777-300ER (Extended Range). With this delivery, Cathay Pacific will have 67 777s in operation, which also includes 12 777-300s and five 777-200s.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.04.15): Exit Region
Sat, May 02,2015 05:59:58PM EST
Exit Region The region downstream from a wind speed maximum in a jet stream (jet max), in which air is moving away from the region of maximum winds, and therefore is decelerating. This deceleration results in divergence in the upper-level winds in the left half of the exit region (as would be viewed looking along the direction of flow). This divergence results in upward motion of air in the left front quadrant (or left exit region) of the jet max. Severe weather potential sometimes increases in this area as a result. See also entrance region, right entrance region.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.03.15): Elevated Convection
Sat, May 02,2015 05:57:40PM EST
Elevated Convection Convection occurring within an elevated layer, i.e., a layer in which the lowest portion is based above the earth's surface. Elevated convection often occurs when air near the ground is relatively cool and stable, e.g., during periods of isentropic lift, when an unstable layer of air is present aloft. In cases of elevated convection, stability indices based on near-surface measurements (such as the lifted index) typically will underestimate the amount of instability present. Severe weather is possible from elevated convection, but is less likely than it is with surface-based convection.

'Carplane'Is Latest Entry Into Roadable Aircraft Chase
Sat, May 02,2015 05:54:18PM EST
German Company Seeks LSA Designation ... If They Can Get A Weight Waiver A German company unveiled a prototype of the latest entry into the quest for a truly roadable aircraft ... or "flying car"... at Aero Friedrichshafen last month.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.04.15)
Sat, May 02,2015 05:53:55PM EST
Aero Linx: Grumman Pilots Association What’s it all about? One word, Community. A common unity of passion for our planes! A community of support, information, flying, and most of all, FUN! Remember fun? We are owners of Grummans, we fly them, we fix them, we care for them, we love them. We love to share our passion with others of a like mind by getting involved. We make this group what we want, each member, one at a time. We desire to be an all-inclusive support group, not a “club.” Come and play with us.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.03.15)
Sat, May 02,2015 05:49:04PM EST
Aero Linx: Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. On March 29, 2007 the Tuskegee Airmen were awarded THE CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL in recognition of their Outstanding Military Record, which inspired Revolutionary Reform in the Armed Forces. “To preserve the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen by continuing to be leaders and role models in overcoming bias and prejudice towards minorities and the underprivileged in the world of aviation, the military and society in general.”

Law Firm Recovers Over One Billion Dollars In Air Cargo Price Fixing Litigation
Sat, May 02,2015 05:36:30PM EST
With A $99 Million Settlement, EVA Air Is The 27th Defendant To Exit The Case EVA Air has agreed to pay $99 million to direct purchasers of air cargo shipping services to settle a lawsuit that has totaled over a billion dollars from 27 defendants.

Graffiti 'Artist'Uses UAV To Vandalize NYC Billboard
Sat, May 02,2015 05:36:15PM EST
Spray Paint Can Attached To DJI Phantom UAV While dozens of companies and individuals wait for the FAA to approve their use of UAVs, a self-proclaimed "artist"has probably set things back a couple of months, if not more. A "graffiti artist"has used a DJI Phantom UAV to vandalize a huge billboard in New York City ... thought to be the first time an unmanned aircraft has been used for such a public display of vandalism.

Ryanair Bank Account Victim Of Chinese Hacker
Sat, May 02,2015 05:36:00PM EST
Nearly $5 Million Fraudulently Removed From Airline's Account A Chinese bank found a way to remove nearly $5 million from an account Ryanair uses to buy fuel for its aircraft, according to the airline.

New Video Game Lets Players Explore A Virtual Solar System
Sat, May 02,2015 05:35:47PM EST
Kerbal Space Program Game Has Launched It may be a long time before NASA launches a manned mission to Mars, but players of a new video game have the opportunity to build their own spacecraft and attempt a similar mission in a game that was released Monday.

AeroSports Update: Ultralight Day At Pioneer Airport
Sat, May 02,2015 05:35:14PM EST
June 20th Will Sound Like A Convention Of Weed Eaters At Pioneer Airport EAA’s Pioneer Airport will be transformed into a fun fly zone on Saturday, June 20, as up to two dozen ultralights and light planes descend onto the grass airstrip to participate in EAA’s Ultralight Day 2015.

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