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Airborne 08.29.16: sUAS Rules Get REAL, Pilots To The Rescue, ISS Update
Mon, Aug 29,2016 07:16:16PM EST
Also: AA MD-80s, A320 Birdstrike, SWA Picketed, Randy Babbitt, STEREO Mission, Prince Harry v Poachers, ANA Dreamliners August 29 is a big day as it relates to recreational and non-recreational small, remotely controlled, aerial vehicles as the new FAR 107 is being implemented. Let’s take a quick look at how all of this is affecting commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles - and recreational use of all sorts of remote-controlled aircraft. Recreational RC flyers have previously operated under an FAA advisory circular and a public law describing what they can and cannot do as hobbyists. Now, the advisory circular and the public law still exists, but FAR 101 has been rewritten to also include the definition of recreational flying as a new regulation. The spirit of general aviation can shine brightly when needed, as such is the case with individuals in general aviation taking things in their own hands to help provide flood relief on the Gulf Coast. A group of pilots from Gulf Coast Aviation operating out of New Orleans'Lakefront Airport flew some $300 in emergency supplies to Ryan Airport in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to assist with flood relief efforts. If owning your own space station is on your bucket list, things are looking up! With NASA looking beyond Low Earth Orbit towards the moon, Mars and asteroids, it is very unlikely that it will continue to operate the International Space Station beyond 2024. So what does a federal agency do with an aging orbiting laboratory? All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Cheesy--Or Just Plain Dishonest? FlyQ Email Suggests ForeFlight Offer--But Isn't
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:48:15PM EST
Recent E-Mailing Suggests One Product... But Is Actually Something Else Altogether ANN has made much of the fact that we, as a community, need to be able to depend on one another as we attempt to extract ourselves from several decades of bad times. While there are a number of ways in which we can support one another while still protecting our own turf (in terms of commercial interests), fibbing to our customers or potential customers just doesn't seem to be the way to do it. You only have to look over the past many years at the mess made by Revolution Helicopter, FlightPrep, Icon Aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft, and others to see that a little bit (or a lot) of fibbing can have a significant effect on one's rep, if not the bottom line... though a few of the major fibbers, like Cirrus, seem to have gotten away with such issues a lot better than others. But we digress... Imagine our mild surprise when a few folks sent several examples of an interesting email to us that seemed to be pushing a really big ForeFlight discount -- when in fact, it was pushing a non-affiliated competitive product -- ostensibly to those who had canceled accounts with 'FlyQ'at some point in the past.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.30.16): Advisory Frequency
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:32:41PM EST
The appropriate frequency to be used for Airport Advisory Service.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.30.16)
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:32:00PM EST
“we’ve reached another significant milestone. With the small UAS rule now in effect, the commercial drone industry is cleared for takeoff.” Source: AUVSI president and CEO Brian Wynn.

ANN FAQ: How To Get YOUR News Out On Aero-News
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:31:24PM EST
Good News, Bad News... It's ALL News As the preeminent online aviation news resource out there, the editorial staff at Aero-News sees a large number of news releases. We look at all of them, and can usually tell whether something merits publishing consideration within reading the first couple of paragraphs. Often, however, a new and innovative product can be overlooked because of the very words written to promote it, by the very people who created it.

New FPV Micro-Drone Coming Soon
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:30:50PM EST
Blade Introduces The Inductrix FPV While the market for drones continues to grow, it seems like many of the actual aircraft are getting smaller. Such is the case with the Blade Inductrix FPV, which will be available soon from Horizon Hobby.

GA-ASI UAS Flight Training Academy Graduates First Aircrews
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:29:30PM EST
Students Poised To Deploy As Academy Ramps Up Operations General Atomics new Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Flight Training Academy graduated its first cadre of GA-ASI aircrews on earlier this month.

Nixon's Helicopter To Be Refurbished As Part Of Museum Renovation
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:27:53PM EST
Will Be Given A 'Face Lift'And Put Back On Display The Sikorsky Sea King helicopter that was used as VIP Transport for President Richard Nixon has been on display at the Nixon Museum since 2006, and has weathered under the southern California sun in Yorba Linda.

Alaskan Floatplane Pilot Rescues Dog
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:25:18PM EST
Canine Was Struggling In A Waterway Near Ketchikan International Airport A pilot who had just landed his floatplane in Ketchikan, AK noticed a dog struggling in the water in the channel between the Ketchikan International Airport ferry dock and the floatplane dock for Taquan Air.

Snyderville Basin Planned Commission Mulls Helicopter Ban
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:24:01PM EST
Will Recommend Stopping All But Emergency Medical Operations The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will put forward a recommendation banning all but emergency medical helicopters from the recreational area following a two-hour meeting last week.

Judge Allows Most Of A Lawsuit Against Pima County, AZ To Continue
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:22:14PM EST
Legal Battle Continues Over Development Deal With Balloon Spaceflight Company A judge in Pima County (AZ) Superior Court has allowed most of a lawsuit against the county to stand, but says there is still one major component of the suit to consider.

Mars Colonization Simulation Comes To An End
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:20:57PM EST
Volunteers Spent A Year In Isolation In A Dome Near A Volcano In Hawaii An experiment to simulate living conditions on Mars funded by NASA has come to an end in Hawaii.

RCMP Investigates Plane Crash As Possible National Security Issue
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:17:18PM EST
But Spokesman Later Says No National Security Concerns Involved An accident involving a Piper Tomahawk stolen from the Markham, Ontario Canada airport was investigated as a national security issue, but the RCMP later determined that there were no national security concerns connected to the accident.

Successful Engine Start For Flaris Jet
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:15:14PM EST
Polish Aircraft Moves Closer To First Flight The Polish company building what it says is the world's smallest single-engine jet has successfully run the aircraft's engine for the first time.

Ice Road Truckers Star Darrell Ward Killed In Aviation Accident
Mon, Aug 29,2016 05:12:53PM EST
Cessna 182 Stalled On Approach To Airport In Rock Creek, MT One of the stars of Ice Road Truckers, which is currently airing its 10th season on the History Channel, has been fatally injured in an aircraft accident in Montana, where he lived.

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