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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.27.22): Radar Point Out
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:46PM EST
Radar Point Out An action taken by a controller to transfer the radar identification of an aircraft to another controller if the aircraft will or may enter the airspace or protected airspace of another controller and radio communications will not be transferred.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (09.27.22)
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:38PM EST
“The agency is taking a step-wise approach to its decision making process to allow the agency to protect its employees by completing a safe roll in time for them to address the needs of their families while also protecting for the option to press ahead with another launch opportunity in the current window if weather predictions improve.” Source: Some typically careful language from NASA, as the Artemis I Launch was scrubbed yet again... this time to avoid possible consequnces from the approach of Hurricane Ian.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.27.22)
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:28PM EST
Aero Linx: The EAA Warbirds of America The EAA Warbirds of America, a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is a family of owners, pilots and enthusiasts of “warbirds,” or ex-military aircraft. Our goal is to promote and encourage the preservation and safe operation of ex-military aircraft, better known as Warbirds. These wonderful aircraft are an important part of our aviation heritage.

Airborne 09.23.22: Kittyhawk Kaput, Eviation Taxi-Tests, B-21 Raider
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:24PM EST
Also: FAA Admin Nominee In Trouble?, Boom Loses Rolls-Royce, Parker-Hannifin/Kaman, KC-46 Pegasus Larry Page, the Google (Alphabet) billionaire has clipped the wings of his 10-year experiment known as Kittyhawk. This effort was part of his long elusive dream of developing flying cars. By now, there are several variants out there still trying to make their way in the world, and so it comes as no surprise that this bird's wings have finally been clipped. However, this project will live on in some form through a joint venture between Wisk Aero and the Boeing company. Eviation has been hard at work on their all-electric commuter aircraft, completing their first high-speed taxi test days after announcing the installation of Gregory Davis as Chief Executive Officer. The company updated aviation enthusiasts with a short video of the test, showing their twin engine (or, twin motor) aircraft accelerating down the runway with relaxed stability before nosing up and easing the front wheel off the tarmac a couple times for good measure. The Air Force confirmed plans to reveal the long awaited B-21 Raider by year’s end, finally showing off the futuristic replacement for both the B-1 and B-2 bombers. The B-21’s unveiling will take place at a Northrop Grumman ceremony held at its production facilities in Palmdale, California in the first week of December. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 09.26.22: Snowbirds Return, Gen Atomics v China, Starlink Inflight
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:17PM EST
Also: Boeing $200M Fine, USAF Pilots Still Grounded, CH-53K Hauls!, C172 Visits UN The Royal Canadian Air Force has cleared its demonstration team for flight once again, but air show fans will be disappointed that they will miss the rest of the 2022 season. The pause followed a failed takeoff that occurred in Fort St. John last month that brought the fleet to a stop while investigators cast a critical eye at the aging Canadair CT-114 Tutors used by the team. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems issounding the alarm on a Chinese agricultural development set to break ground near Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota. The defense manufacturer is urging the government to shut down the project due to national security concerns, saying that the large-scale corn milling plant will be far too close for comfort to a sensitive location for the industry. The proposed location is only 15 miles from the air base. Starlink-equipped bizjet operator JSX publicized their recent speed test results achieved during a routine test flight. JSX (formerly JetSuiteX) was the first operator to sign a deal with the satellite-based internet provider earlier this year, standing apart from a crowd of ground-based networks aiming for the business aviation market. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.28.22): Jet Route
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:11PM EST
Jet Route A route designed to serve aircraft operations from 18,000 feet MSL up to and including flight level 450. The routes are referred to as “J” routes with numbering to identify the designated route; e.g., J105.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.28.22)
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:07PM EST
Aero Linx: Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation The Balloon Museum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that believes in the power of the Balloon Museum to inspire visitors to do amazing things. The Foundation hosts a variety of special events and unique community outreach activities throughout the year to nurture an appreciation of the history, science, and adventure of ballooning.

Airborne 09.28.22: Eviation 1st Flight!, Airship Race, Yamaha LSA/Engine
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:41:04PM EST
Also: NBAA V Bloomberg, CA COVID Restrictions Cut, FAA Reauthorization, ATP Increases Following years of intensive development and choruses of naysaying, Alice, the all-electric, nine-passenger commuter aircraft designed and built by Eviation, has made its inaugural flight. The nine minute undertaking saw the unconventional machine liftoff at approximately 07:10 PDT from Grant County International Airport (MWH) in Moses Lake, Washington. Test pilot Steve Crane urged Alice to an altitude of 3,500-feet and made several passes over the airport vicinity before bringing the sleek, low-wing aircraft to safe landing. Prince Albert II, of Monaco, has announced first details of the World Sky Race—a race around the world by airships (blimps, dirigibles, and zeppelins). Winner's prize: $5 million. Explorers Club member Prince Albert, Google co-founder Serge Brin, and Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson are all among the world figures who now see airships as a way to reduce global warming. Yamaha has waded into the aero engine market with its CP2, a 700-cubic-centimeter two-cylinder, vertically configured, liquid-cooled mill with a power-output of about seventy-horsepower. Yamaha-ShinMaywa conducted an early-stage flight-test of a prototype, Yamaha-powered small aircraft. Dubbed the XU-L. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne-UnCrewed 09.27.22: NASA Dart-Bullseye!, Vertiport Design, Avenger MQ20A
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:40:56PM EST
Also: Bell High-Speed VTOL, Artemis, China v Nearby AFB, SpaceX Starship It is truly the ultimate unmanned mission... After 10 months flying in space, NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) – the world’s first planetary defense technology demonstration – successfully impacted its asteroid target on Monday, the agency’s first attempt to move an asteroid in space. Mission control at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland, announced the successful impact, Monday, at 7:14 p.m. EDT. The FAA has released a memorandum outlining its initial design guidelines for vertiports—infrastructure that will support Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft. Titled Engineering Brief No. 105, Vertiport Design, the memorandum codifies—albeit preliminarily—the standards to which municipalities, airport owners and operators, and civil engineers will develop and construct the facilities from which Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) and Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (EVTOL) aircraft will arrive and depart, be fueled, charged, serviced, and hangered. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, (GA-ASI) has completed a fully autonomous sortie using an Avenger MQ-20A equipped with their Artificial Intelligence Piloting software. The flight used the company's Open Mission Systems (OMS) software stack and an otherwise garden variety Avenger to carry out the 30 minute voyage. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne-Unmanned!!!

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (09.28.22)
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:40:51PM EST
"I am pleased to be involved with the World Air League as they are embracing the idea that we must find new ways of doing things to move toward sustainable aviation."Source: Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Member of the Explorers Club and World Air League Advisor on Solar Power, discussing details of the World Sky Race—a race around the world by airships (blimps, dirigibles, and zeppelins). Winner's prize: $5 million.

Airborne-Flight Training 09.22.22: NO ATP Shortcuts Sez FAA, Top Aces, RACCA UPS
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:40:47PM EST
Also: Chattahoochee Tech Aviation Academy, Annual Space Day, EAA Chapter 534, RAA on FAA Decision The FAA has denied Republic Airways’s request to halve the flight time requirements for graduates of its Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy—a Part 141 flight-school operated by the Indianapolis-based air-carrier. In its decision, the FAA asserted: “After full consideration of Republic’s petition for exemption and the public comments, the FAA has determined that the relief requested is not in the public interest and would adversely affect safety.” Top Aces Corp has announced its selection for the US Air Force Combat Air Force Contracted Air Support program, to provide advanced adversary air training to pilots at Eglin AFB in Florida and Luke AFB in Arizona. Top Aces was a shoo-in for the deal, a 5-year contract worth up to $175 million, due to their status as the sole operator of a commercial F-16 fleet in the USA. Applications sponsored by the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association are being accepted for those interested in becoming a pilot, AMT, or airline manager. The $20,000 in funding is handed out by the RACCA and UPS Flight Path to help rejuvenate the industry with fresh aspiring talent, particularly in the current economic climate. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 09.21.22: G700/G800 Engine Cert, Reno Tragedy, Mriya Rebuild?
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:40:41PM EST
Also: 101st'Pee Wee Martin, FAA Rejects Airline’s Request, Russia v Starlink, RACCA UPS Scholarships Gulfstream has announced the all-new Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines by which its G700 and ultralong-range G800 aircraft are to be powered have achieved EASA certification. Gulfstream president Mark Burns remarked: “The certification of the Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines for the G700 and G800 is a significant step that brings us closer to delivering these game-changing aircraft to our customers..."The Reno Air Racing Association confirmed that a "fatal incident"occurred on Sunday, 18 September 2022, during the third lap of the event's Jet Gold Race. In a statement shared on social media, the association’s chairman and CEO, Fred Telling, asserted: "We can confirm that during the Jet Gold Race on the third lap there was a fatal incident at Outer Pylon-Five today. There will be an investigation conducted by the NTSB and the FAA. All other pilots landed safely..."The Antonov AN-225 Mriya is arguably the world’s most recognizable and famous strategic airlift cargo aircraft. At least it was until February 2022, when it was destroyed, ostensibly by Russian forces, during the Battle of Antonov Airport—an early skirmish of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian Conflict. There are new claims that the Mriya will be rebuilt. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

The SportPlane Resource Guide RETURNS!!!!
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:40:24PM EST
Emphasis On Growing The Future of Aviation Through Concentration on 'AFFORDABLE FLYERS'It's been a number of years since the Latest Edition of Jim Campbell's HUGE SportPlane Resource Guide first saw the light of day. That massive 1100 page book last featured over 800 exciting sport aircraft from all over the SportPlane universe... at a time when the SportPlane industry was still a healthy, thriving enterprise (those were the days...). While there has been some consideration, off and on, toward updating the nearly 5 pound book, the near implosion of the SportPlane and kit industry over the last decade has made such a pursuit an unwieldy one... until now.

Expanding Our Vast Horizons... ANN Now Available on Roku and FireTV!
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:40:10PM EST
And That's But One Of Over A Dozen Major Developments Planned For The Next Year Or So Aero-News Network is now available on Roku and Amazon FireTV! That’s right folks. You can now get your daily dose of aviation news… right on the ol'giggle box! This is an EPIC development for our network, one of many to come, and we’re thrilled to offer you this new way to watch our news programming. Whether you’re a traditional website reader, podcast listener, or YouTube subscriber, we’re dedicated to giving you quality, honest, aviation news that you can trust and broadening our reach and audience aggressively in the coming years, so that we may both Grow and Inform the aviation and aerospace world.

ANN FAQ: Follow Us On Instagram!
Thu, Sep 29,2022 07:39:58PM EST
Get The Latest in Aviation News NOW on Instagram Are you on Instagram yet? It's been around for a few years, quietly picking up traction mostly thanks to everybody's new obsession with mobile photography. Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone - which has lent itself well to the news industry. Did you know that approx. 62% of adults in the United States get their news from social media? That’s more than you thought right! Aero-News Network has jumped on the bandwagon and we are now posting our news stories and recaps of our Airborne episodes on Instagram (as well as Facebook) so you can get the latest in aviation news on your smartphone and on-the-go.

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