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It's Turbo Time! AeroVee Turbo Orders Now Accepted
Mon, Jul 28,2014 12:14:41AM EST
Will Offer Significant Performance Boost For Sonex Aircraft Sonex Aircraft announced at a press and customer briefing Sunday morning that orders are now being accepted for the long-anticipated AeroVee Turbo, with deliveries to commence in the fourth quarter of 2014!

There's A New Light Sport Amphib Coming To The Block
Mon, Jul 28,2014 12:13:06AM EST
MVP.Aero Introduces What It Calls The Worlds 'Most Versatile Plane'A new sport plane that is designed to operate from runways, water, and snow and ice was introduced Sunday afternoon on the day before the AirVenture at Oshkosh officially opened.

Historic OSH2014 Sponsor: Bendix-King by Honeywell
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:55:21PM EST
OSH2014 Sponsor: Bendix-King by Honeywell The history of the Bendix name runs parallel to the development of King Radio until the mid-1980s, when the Allied Corporation purchased Bendix Aviation and King Radio and combined the two to create the now-renowned Bendix/King brand of avionics. In late 1985, the Allied Corporation merged with the Signal Companies to become Allied-Signal. The name was further modified to AlliedSignal in 1993 to reinforce a one-company image and signify the full integration of its business.

Revolutionary OSH2014 Sponsor -- Aviation Modifications Leaders
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:54:41PM EST
Aviation Modifications Leaders -- Unique Solutions For Critical Applications During two decades of designing, engineering and installation of Satcom systems with Honeywell (Allied Signal), Iridium Satcom, Gulfstream and MidCoast, Mark Lange, AML founder, became a top technical expert in this arena. AML was founded in 2008 by Mark Lange, a veteran satellite communication engineer who spent over a decade designing, engineering and installing Internet connectivity systems for Allied Signal, Iridium Satcom, Gulfstream and MidCoast Aviation.

OSH2014 Sponsor: 'Super-App'ForeFlight
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:44:39PM EST
LONG-TIME ANN Sponsor, ForeFlight, Provides GREAT Guidance For Oshkosh 2014! ForeFlight was founded in 2007 by aviation entrepreneurs who set out to build elegant, high-performing flight planning and flight bag apps for pilots. ForeFlight Mobile, our flagship product, improves situational awareness, increases productivity, and simplifies decision making for pilots and flight crews all over the world. ForeFlight is used by all segments of aviation, including general, business, commercial, and military aviation.

International OSH2014 Sponsor, Trig Avionics, Helps Bring You AirVenture!!!
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:42:31PM EST
Trig Avionics: Smart, Affordable and Future Proof! Trig Avionics design and manufacture certified avionics for the Light and General Aviation sector. Trig are experts in producing compact and light weight avionics that are smart, affordable and future proof. Trig produces a retro-fit unit called the TT31 and compact transponders; the TT21 and TT22. These are popular, particularly where aircraft panel space is tight. The company is expanding and offering products, such as our TY91 and TY92 VHF radios. Further new products will be introduced primarily aimed at the retro-fit market.

AirVenture College Park Area 'Improved'This Year
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:23:28PM EST
Six Distinctive Areas Feature Innovation, Careers, And More Creative out-of-the-box inventions, opportunities for careers in aviation and voices of futuristic ideas are all in one area at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014: College Park.

Aspen Avionics, True Innovators, Present Oshkosh 2014 Special Event Coverage!
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:21:50PM EST
OSH2014 Sponsor: Aspen Avionics Aspen Avionics specializes in bringing the most advanced technology and capability into general aviation cockpits. Our products increase situational awareness and reduce pilot workload, making it even easier and safer to fly in both VFR and IFR conditions. Our philosophy is that getting the latest avionics technology shouldn’t always mean spending a lot of money—on equipment or on installation. The Evolution system enables aircraft owners to upgrade their primary flight instrument “six pack” to glass cockpit technology all at once, or in stages. Easy and inexpensive software upgrades add new features and capabilities, while future-proofing the system and protecting owners’ investments.

OSH2014 Sponsor: Eclipse Aerospace -- In Full Production!
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:21:20PM EST
The Eclipse 550: Economical. Efficient. Incredible. The Eclipse 550 not only has the lowest acquisition cost of any twin-engine jet on the planet, it also has the lowest operating costs and is the most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet in production today. But its efficiencies don’t end with cost and fuel burn. We build the Eclipse to be incredibly simple to operate and maintain. Designed to be flown single-pilot, the Eclipse 550 comes standard with an advanced Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) that acts as a virtual copilot as you fly, increasing situational awareness, monitoring systems, and giving you over speed and under speed protection with the only Auto Throttle in the light jet market. The simplicity of flight that the IFMS provides is truly unrivaled in our class.

Innovative OSH14 Sponsor, iFlightPlanner, Provides Expert Guidance
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:20:42PM EST
What is iFlightPlanner? iFlightPlanner is general aviation’s most comprehensive suite of easy-to-use flight planning tools for private and corporate pilots. Featuring, and iFlightPlanner for iPad presented by Sennheiser, iFlightPlanner allows pilots to intuitively plan routes, retrieve certified weather briefs, calculate weight & balance and file flight plans from any computer or their iPad. The iFlightPlanner Cloud securely stores personal settings, aircraft profiles, custom waypoints, favorite routes and a digital flight log, all of which can be wirelessly synced with iFlightPlanner for iPad for on-the-go functionality and superior situational awareness in the cockpit.

Historic Sport Aircraft Mfr, Quicksilver Aeronautics, Signs On As OSH14 Sponsor
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:20:00PM EST
Quicksilver Aeronautics: The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sport Aircraft Every kid at one moment in his/her life has dreamed of flying. We dream of soaring because we have the desire to see the world from above, because we relish on adventure and freedom... and because it is an experience like no other. Quicksilver philosophy is to make the dream of flying your own airplane accessible to a larger part of the world by providing truly affordable "real"aircraft. Thus the exclusivity of flying is attained by those that dare and have the drive to do it. Not because of monetary constraints.

A Classic OSH2014 Sponsor: Waco Classic Aircraft
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:19:30PM EST
Live The Dream! Own and Fly A REAL Waco YMF-5D or A NEW Great Lakes! WACO Classic Aircraft of Battle Creek, MI, is the world's only manufacturer of a brand new 1930's era open cockpit sport biplane, the WACO YMF. Since 1983, WACO Classic has been building new production aircraft under the original FAA type certificate. There are currently over 120 WACO YMF's flying around the world.

MGL Avionics/The Airplane Factory Helps Present OSH2014 Special Event Coverage
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:18:28PM EST
Bright, Powerful, Intuitive: MGL Avionics Is A Next Generation EFIS.... Today! Since 2001, MGL Avionics has been producing avionics for the Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft markets. The flagship product is the iEFIS - a comprehensive flight, engine and navigation instrument designed to meet the demands of the modern pilot. It is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight-readable touchscreen that can also be operated using gloves. iEFIS combines the undeniable advantages of simplified operation that a touchscreen can offer with rich traditional knob and button controls that are equally indispensable in the cockpit environment. The pressure sensitive touchscreen operates much like a tactile button preventing false activation when touching the screen in turbulent conditions. A simple but highly effective solution...

NextGen GA Fund, LLC, Sponsors OSH14 Special Event Coverage
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:17:58PM EST
NextGen GA Fund, LLC: Competitive Financing Options for General Aviation NextGen Avionics The NextGen GA Fund has been established to support the rollout of the US "NextGen"program, which enables updated air traffic information to both pilots and controllers. There are more than 150,000 general aviation aircraft requiring access to controlled airspace, and NextGen cannot provide its promised benefits to the air traffic system unless these aircraft are participating with updated technology. The NextGen GA Fund is working exclusively on behalf of the GA community to enable these NextGen upgrades using financial incentives, including affordable financing programs and other assistance.

IMC CLubs Leads The Way To OSH14 Special Event Coverage
Sun, Jul 27,2014 10:17:25PM EST
IMC Clubs: Building Instrument Proficiency Through Community When it comes to flying, there is no substitute for proficiency and training. And maybe nowhere is that more important than instrument flying. Things happen "in the soup,"and can go south pretty quickly. A well-trained and proficient instrument pilot is a much safer instrument pilot. But sometimes, without a support system, it's easy to say "well, I'll go shoot the practice approaches next time."The IMC Club may be just the support system that pilots need. On their website, they say the purpose of the organization is to "promote instrument flying, proficiency and safety. Along with IFR flying and monthly local chapter meetings, we offer a resource rich website which provides an electronic experience base.

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