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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (08.31.15)
Sun, Aug 30,2015 03:25:37PM EST
"Would we be willing to fly them in our plane to Paris? ... Yeah, we'd be happy to do that."Source: Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle's reply to his company pilot, Doug Perrill, when he was asked if he might loan the corporate jet out so that the mothers of the three American citizens (along with a British citizen) thwarted a terrorist attack on a train from Brussels to Paris last week -- and had been invited to attend a ceremony honoring their sons in Paris ... but had no way to get there. Perrill contacted Boyle at 9 o'clock Saturday night to ask if he could fly the trio in the company's Dassault Falcon 2000 to Paris. They were on their way in some 12 hours...

RFP: ANN Considering Future Options For HQ Relocation
Sat, Aug 29,2015 11:00:57PM EST
A Very Bright Future For ANN, Aero-TV, and Airborne May Require Some New Digs ANN may be looking for a new home... hopefully, a permanent one. We're currently inviting proposals for a potential NEW airport/office facility to serve as home base and studio for the Aero-News Network, Inc., the Aviation World's Real-Time News and Information Service, and our Daily Airborne Unlimited programming, our new 'Aero-Doc'documentary division, as well as other Aero-TV/Aero-Verse productions. The successful bid will require an airport friendly community and a (preferably) airport based location where we can locate both an office, and a video production studio, as well as a hangar capable of hosting upwards of two GA aircraft...

Airborne 08.28.15: 'Big'Bezos Announcement?, MA Aero-Taxes, Harrison Ford
Sat, Aug 29,2015 09:57:41PM EST
Also: Barnstorming: The FAA v Hoover Fight Ain’t Over, Hail-Damaged Dreamliner, UAV Shooter Charged, NASA Global Hawk, MiG-21 Lancers, ICAO Manual Blue Origin founder and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans a trip to Cape Canaveral in Florida on September 15 for what is being called a "significant announcement regarding the commercial launch industry."Bezos has reportedly been in negotiations with Space Florida that could lead to the establishment of a manufacturing facility for Blue Origin at Exploration Park south of the Kennedy Space Center's secure area on the Florida coast. The Massachusetts legislature is considering reinstating a 6.25 percent sales tax on airplane sales, parts, and maintenance that was abolished in 2002. Some in the current legislature are calling the tax break a "giveaway for wealthy executives with corporate jets."But the aviation industry counters that bringing back the tax would drive business to other states, and small airports would be the hardest hit. The Experimental Aircraft Association manages many aviation related scholarships, and ardent aviation enthusiast, Harrison Ford, provided a contribution to be used for the purpose of flight training. Now, EAA has reported that Jordan Paulson, the recipient of the 2015 Harrison Ford Scholarship administered by EAA, completed his first solo flight on August 15 out of Hartford Municipal Airport. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Klyde Morris (08.31.15)
Sat, Aug 29,2015 09:13:14PM EST
We're Not Sure that Klyde Needs A Refresher THAT Bad... FMI:

Aero-TV: "That's All Brother"-- Restoring a True Piece of Military History
Sat, Aug 29,2015 08:14:42PM EST
History Comes Alive Thanks to A Magnificent CAF Effort The story of the Douglas C-47 named, “That’s all Brother,” is fascinating from two points of view. First, it was the C 47 that that led the D-Day invasion in June 1944. Second, it still exists and has been found. The aircraft was on display at EAA AirVenture this year, and ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, met with Adam Smith, the Executive Vice President of strategic development for the Commemorative Air Force, to learn how they found it. Smith recounts the story of locating the aircraft and points out the irony that it was actually located in Oshkosh. This is truly a case of stumbling upon a historic airplane rather than actively seeking it out.

Airshow Pilot Lost In In-Flight Breakup
Sat, Aug 29,2015 06:32:10PM EST
Andrew Wright Lost As Giles G-202 Suffers Fuselage Seperation/Failure It's been a tough few weeks for the airshow industry... and now this -- a practice flight, Friday, August 28th was the scene of a tragedy as Andrew Wright's Giles G-202 suffered what appeared to be a complete structural failure of the rear fuselage just forward of the junction of the horizontal and vertical tailfeathers. The accident occurred at approximately 1400 local time, near Stewart International Airport in Orange County, New York. Wright apparently did not get the chance to bail out of the aircraft and was believed to have perished on impact.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Invites Guests To ‘Fly With An Astronaut’
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:19:46PM EST
Half-Day Program Features Private Tour, ‘Flight’ On Shuttle Launch Experience, Lunch With A Veteran NASA Astronaut The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is offering a special, limited-time, limited-capacity program called “Fly With An Astronaut” in which guests can spend a thrilling half day experiencing the highlights of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, including a ‘flight’ on Shuttle Launch Experience, with a veteran NASA space shuttle astronaut.

Jacksonville, FL Herlong Recreational Airport Rebrands FBO
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:18:50PM EST
Herlong Aviation Becomes First Coast Flight Center Unlike at its other three airports, Jacksonville International, Cecil and JAXEX, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) is the FBO at Herlong Recreational Airport located in the western portion of Duval County, FL.

Hail-Damaged Dreamliner To Be Returned To Service
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:18:35PM EST
Aircraft Required A 'Nose Job'After Being Caught In A Storm An American Airlines Dreamliner that was damaged by a hail storm July 27th in China will be placed back in service in the next week or so, according to the airline.

Bezos To Visit Cape Canaveral In September
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:18:18PM EST
Will Make A 'Significant Announcement'About Blue Origin Blue Origin founder and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans a trip to Cape Canaveral in Florida on September 15 for what is being called a "significant announcement regarding the commercial launch industry."

California Science Center Donates Shuttle Water Tanks To ISS
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:18:02PM EST
Tanks Removed From Endeavour Will Be Shipped To The Space Station NASA engineers have completed the successful removal of four water tanks and one waste tank from Endeavour, a donation from the California Science Center Foundation to NASA.

CEO Lends Corporate Jet To Three Moms
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:17:48PM EST
Gesture Allowed The Mothers Of Three Heroes Who Had Thwarted The Paris Train Attack To Attend Ceremony In Paris The mothers of the three American citizens who, along with one British citizen thwarted a terrorist attack on a train from Brussels to Paris last week had been invited to attend a ceremony honoring their sons in Paris ... but they had no way to get there.

ICAO Manual Provides New Recommended Practices For Cabin Child Restraint Systems
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:17:26PM EST
Contains Guidance For States To Develop Regulations And Approval Processes The safest way to secure an infant or child on board an aircraft is in a State-approved child restraint system (CRS), in a dedicated seat, and appropriate for that infant or child, based on guidance material recently published in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s) new Manual on the Approval and Use of Child Restraint Systems (Doc 10049).

Remains Of Pilot Recovered From Pond In Maine
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:16:58PM EST
Plane Apparently Impacted Trees And Flipped Over Into The Pond On Approach The body of a pilot of a twin-engine airplane has been recovered from wreckage discovered at the bottom of a man-made pond in Houlton, ME.

MiG-21 Lancer Still Providing Front-Line Service After 20 Years
Sat, Aug 29,2015 05:16:07PM EST
Total Of 110 Aircraft Upgraded In Three Variants Twenty years ago Sunday the first prototype MiG-21 Lancer took to the air from Aerostar’s Bacau facility in north-east Romania.

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