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Game-Changing NBAA2014 Sponsor Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics!
Wed, Oct 22,2014 10:21:15PM EST
Innovation Brings Safe, Certified, Nanophosphate® Lithium Batteries To New Business Aircraft True Blue Power is the first company in the world to achieve FAA TSO and EASA ETSO certifications for three sophisticated lithium-ion battery products. The TS835 Series Emergency Power Supply received certification in April 2010, followed by the TB17 (17 amp hour) main ship battery in February 2014, and the most recently certified TB44 (44 amp hour) main ship battery. As the number of True Blue Power’s certified lithium-ion products continues to grow, the incorporation of this advanced technology by airframe manufacturers gains momentum. It offers a key to achieving the ‘more electric aircraft’.

Embraer’s Legacy 500 Receives FAA Certification
Wed, Oct 22,2014 10:16:50PM EST
EASA Certification Expected Later This Year The FAA handed over certification papers for Embraer's Legacy 500 executive jet during a ceremony at the National Business Aviation Association Conference and Exhibition, in Orlando, Florida. This approval enables entry into service of the aircraft in the United States and in countries that require such certification.

Airborne at NBAA--10.21.14: NBAA2014 Opens, Eclipse Update, FJ44 TBO Increase
Wed, Oct 22,2014 10:14:27PM EST
Also: Shuster/Hart Address NBAA, Gogo Means Business, BBJ Maxes Out, Hartzell Pulls Its Weight The NBAA Opening General Session featured two well-known names from Washington. Representative Bill Shuster, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, and Acting NTSB Chair Christopher Hart were the keynote speakers for the opening general session Tuesday morning. Shuster said that the he has already begun the process of crafting a new FAA reauthorization bill … which he says should be “transformational” with a goal of easing the regulatory burden on the industry. While much of the news at NBAA is about mid-size and large business aircraft, there is a very distinct niche for smaller BizJets … including the Very-Light-Jets. One of the major players in that segment of the industry is Eclipse Aerospace. ANN Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell talked Tuesday with Eclipse Aerospace CEO Mason Holland about how the E550 is helping revitalize that segment of the market. Williams International has announced that customers enrolled in its Total Assurance Program, known as TAP, for engine maintenance will benefit from extended intervals between major periodic inspections. The extension allows all FJ44 models to match the latest FJ44-4 engine overhaul interval of 5000 hours. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne at NBAA-10.22.14: Legacy 500, Universal InSight, BendixKing AeroWave
Wed, Oct 22,2014 10:14:06PM EST
Also: GE Honda, Sagem's Active SideStick, Syberjet Update, Techno Aerospace Knows How to Party The FAA handed over certification papers for Embraer's Legacy 500 executive jet during a ceremony at the National Business Aviation Association Conference and Exhibition, in Orlando, Florida. This approval enables entry into service of the aircraft in the United States and in countries that require such certification. Syberjet is looking ahead to getting the SJ-30i into production. ANN’s editor in chief stopped by their booth at NBAA2014 and got an update from Mark Fairchild, General Manager and Director of Sales and Customer Service. Universal Avionics’ newest avionics suite called the…InSight Integrated Flight Deck was unveiled here at the NBAA 2014 Business Aviation Convention. The highlight of the system is the embedded next generation Synthetic Vision System with advanced mapping capability and intuitive system-wide Graphical Pilot Interface. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (10.23.14)
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:41:01PM EST
Experimental Balloon and Airship Association A loose congregation of aeronauts who have built, are flying or own any sort of Experimental, Ultralight or Homebuilt Lighter-Than-Air Craft.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (10.23.14): Penetrating Top
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:40:16PM EST
Same as overshooting top. A dome-like protrusion above a thunderstorm anvil, representing a very strong updraft and hence a higher potential for severe weather with that storm.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (10.23.14)
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:39:24PM EST
“When all was said and done, dozens of CEOs spoke out in support of business aviation – explaining why the use of a business airplane is critical to their companies’ success.” Source: NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen.

ANN FAQ: Feel The Propwash (Updated)
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:38:38PM EST
New Form Makes Subscribing, Unsubscribing Even Easier While we're very proud of our newly-redesigned website, we know that some folks really enjoy the convenience of having their Aero-News dropped into their e-mail boxes every day. Our new site makes that process even easier than before.

Conklin &de Decker Release 2014 Aircraft Cost Evaluator 2014 Vol. II
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:38:34PM EST
Up-To-Date Benchmarking Tool For Owners, Operators, Brokers, And Dealers Conklin & de Decker has released the Aircraft Cost Evaluator 2014 Volume II, delivering the most up-to-date benchmarking, operating, and ownership cost data available to the aviation industry. Aircraft Cost Evaluator is the flagship product from Conklin & de Decker’s family of aircraft operating and acquisition data products that address more than 575 jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft.

Gogo Business Aviation Introduces Moving Maps To Gogo Vision
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:37:37PM EST
Included With Gogo Vision IFE System With No Additional Fees Gogo Business Aviation has added moving map capabilities to Gogo Vision, the company’s on-demand in-flight entertainment (IFE) and information service.

FreeFlight Systems Introduces FTX-200 ADS-B System
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:36:35PM EST
ADS-B Transponder With Built-In GNSS/SBAS Position Source Is TCAS I-Compatible FreeFlight Systems has introduced the FTX-200 1090ES Transponder with integrated GPS system for Part 25 business aircraft. The TCAS I-compatible system is a highly cost-effective alternative to expensive avionics upgrades for NextGen ADS-B Out compliance.

Wheels Up Names Executive Team
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:35:03PM EST
Charged With Addressing Growing Demand For Corporate Travel Solutions Wheels Up, the leading membership-based private aviation company, has appointed industry veterans Robert Garrymore and John Colucci to spearhead its Corporate Team. The Executive Team will address the growing demand for corporate memberships, and provide dedicated/customized solutions for corporate members.

NBAA CAM Governing Board Announces New Officers
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:33:15PM EST
Aviation Management Certification Program Receives NCCA Accreditation The NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Governing Board met at the Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2014), and two new officers, elected at the previous CAM Governing Board meeting in June 2014, began their two-year terms immediately following the meeting.

APS Upset Training President Joins NBAA Safety Committee
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:31:37PM EST
Paul 'BJ'Ransbury Officially Welcomed To The Panel At NBAA2014 The NBAA Safety Committee officially welcomed Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) president, Paul BJ Ransbury to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Safety Committee at their annual meeting at NBAA 2014 in Orlando Monday afternoon.

Guardian Flight Orders Six Hawker 400XPR Upgrade Packages
Wed, Oct 22,2014 03:30:17PM EST
Company Is Largest Medevac Provider In Alaska Guardian Flight has secured six orders for the Hawker 400XPR upgrade package from Beechcraft. First deliveries are planned for the first half of 2015.

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