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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.18.22): Offshore/Control Airspace Area
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:45PM EST
Offshore/Control Airspace Area That portion of airspace between the U.S. 12 NM limit and the oceanic CTA/FIR boundary within which air traffic control is exercised. These areas are established to provide air traffic control services. Offshore/Control Airspace Areas may be classified as either Class A airspace or Class E airspace.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.18.22)
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:42PM EST
Aero Linx: United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) The mission of the USPPA Is to preserve, promote, and enhance the sport of powered paragliding. If your goal is to eventually fly a two-place powered paraglider, you must obtain a tandem rating through the USPPA. It is not legal to fly a paramotor in the U.S. with a passenger unless you operate under the FAA exemption like the one that was granted to the USPPA. Our ratings program offers the following ratings: PPG1, PPG2, PPG3, Instructor, Tandem Instructor, and Instructor Administrator. The USPPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to preserve, promote, and enhance the sport of powered paragliding.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (05.18.22)
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:38PM EST
“This was a major accomplishment by the ARRW team, for the weapons enterprise, and our Air Force. The team's tenacity, expertise, and commitment were key in overcoming the past year's challenges to get us to the recent success. We are ready to build on what we've learned and continue moving hypersonics forward.” Source: Brig. Gen. Heath Collins, Air Force Program Executive Officer for Weapons, commenting on the successful test of an AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon, or ARRW, off the Southern California coast, May 14.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (05.19.22)
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:35PM EST
“EAA wanted to be involved in this program to say thanks to those men and women currently serving our country in the armed services, and to their immediate families who sacrifice so much to support them.” Source: Ron Connolly, EAA Aviation Museum director, explaining the rationable behind the EAA decision to participate in the annual Blue Star Museums program, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and museums across America to offer free admission to the nation’s active duty military personnel and their families this summer.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.19.22): Option Approach
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:31PM EST
Option Approach An approach requested and conducted by a pilot which will result in either a touch-and-go, missed approach, low approach, stop-and-go, or full stop landing. Pilots should advise ATC if they decide to remain on the runway, of any delay in their stop and go, delay clearing the runway, or are unable to comply with the instruction(s).

Airborne-UnCrewed 05.17.22: FAA Diverts eVTOL, DJI’s Mini Pro 3, Drone Fishing!
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:27PM EST
Also: Pentagon Cooks Drones, Paper Wings, Wingcopter 198, Joby Testing Noise Recognizing the importance of keeping abreast of the technological developments in the industry, the FAA is reconsidering its approach to the certification of eVTOLs. On 16 December 2016, the FAA published the final rule representing an overhaul of airworthiness standards for GA airplanes, specifically in an attempt to enable faster adoption of “innovative safety-enhancing technologies into small airplanes, while reducing costs for the aviation industry.” DJI recently launched its DJI Mini 3 Pro, a palm-able device weighing a tad over 0.5 lbs, featuring tri-directional obstacle sensing, true vertical shooting, focus track, and 4K HDR video. DJI promises extended flight time of just over 30 minutes, however, with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, you may expect a bit above 45 minutes. The Hawaiian fishing community is awaiting the outcome of Governor David Ige’s actions regarding the use of drones to fish in or near the state’s waters. Mr. Ige, Governor of Hawaii is expected to either vote yes or veto Senate Bill SB2065 which had already passed Hawaii’s House of Representatives and its Senate earlier this month. SB2065 permits the use of drones for “simple reconnaissance”, and those wishing to use a drone for the approved purpose must then apply to the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) for a permit. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne-UnCrewed!!!

Airborne 05.18.22: Hoover Foundation, East Hampton Battle, Paper Airplanes
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:21PM EST
Also: NIFA SAFECON 2022, KC-46 Completes Record, Drone Fishing, Spirit’s No Means Maybe The Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, established by the late Bob Hoover and his closest friends, is pushing past the woes of the pandemic and announcing new leadership as well as an aggressive new set of priorities... with more to come. Prior to his passing, Bob formed the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation. He did so for one purpose: to contribute to the growth and betterment of aviation in perpetuity. ANN CEO, Jim Campbell, will again serve as the BHLF Executive Director, as well as taking a seat on the Foundation's board. The fate of the East Hampton airport (HTO), some 40nm west of the Long Island Mac Arthur airport, is not yet sealed as NBAA and other stakeholders have filed motions in the local district court to delay its closure and seen some temporary success. The Town of East Hampton’s 20-year grant-based obligations expired in September 2021, and the town of East Hampton ceased accepting federal grant funds. The 2022 RedBull Paper Wings World Finals has concluded in Salzburg, Austria. The event began with preliminary elimination rounds for longest airtime and distance, then elimination for aerobatics, yes, you read that correctly paper airplane aerobatics... with the Superfinals later that day. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.19.22)
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:11PM EST
Aero Linx: International Aviation Services Organization (IASO) International Aviation Services Organization (IASO) is a non-profit organization, aviation services Industry Leader and forum for consultation on industry issues for all aviation services companies worldwide. The organization registered in Sweden and Montreal, Canada with its HQ in Geneva - Switzerland . There are two sub-organizations that fall under the umbrella of IASO – IFSO (International Fuel Services Organization) and IHAO (International Handling Aviation Organization). The main objective of IASO is to organize, educate, and improve the aviation services industry through collaboration, using best business practices and speaking with one voice for all service providers to ensure credible representation for all IASO industry members.

Klyde Morris (05.16.22)
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:07PM EST
Classic Klyde (09.23.13) Remembers AOPA's Attempt To Jump On The Drone Bandwagon FMI:

Airborne 05.13.22: FAA v Red Bull!, Spontaneous Pilot, eVTOL Certification
Fri, May 20,2022 09:15:03PM EST
Also: Honor Flight 250,000th, USMC Aviation Plan, United's Green Fuel, Oshkosh 2022! That incredibly foolish Red Bull Skydive-and-switch-planes-in-midair stunt that went so bad last month has resulted in both pilot/skydivers losing their certificates. Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington received nationwide attention for the poorly planned and executed stunt. The result is this... both of them have to surrender their tickets immediately and Aikins is facing an additional financial penalty in the form of a nearly $5000 fine. An individual with allegedly no prior flying experience had a chance to live many a pilot’s dream/nightmare, by landing a small airplane after the pilot became incapacitated. The Cessna 208 Caravan, a fixed-gear single-engine turbo-prop airplane, was being operated by a single pilot from Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas to Ft. Pierce Florida when one of the passengers noticed that the pilot was not responsive. Recognizing the importance of keeping abreast of the technological developments in the industry, the FAA is reconsidering its approach to the certification of eVTOLs. Apparently, the new Acting Administrator of the FAA is engaging reverse thrusters, and as such causes great consternation for industry hopefuls looking to make their Jetsons puddle-jumpers and training aircraft a reality. It was hoped that this new framework translated into an agile aircraft certification process that is in step with innovation. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne-Flight Training 05.19.22: Republic SIC, USAF Kolligian, Pilot Shortage
Fri, May 20,2022 09:14:28PM EST
Also: Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, Women’s Air Race Classic, NIFA SAFECON 2022, Oshkosh Pilot Proficiency Center For some time, Republic Airways has enjoyed a not so favorable opinion in the “Low Time” flying community due to reports of it allegedly engaging in second-in-command (SIC) operations on its single-pilot fleet, and those SIC’s later discovering that their ‘logged time’ is invalid and cannot be applied to flight experience for their Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating. Well, those woes may soon come to an end if Republic Airways gets its way. “Where’s the ground? Where’s the ground?” No one wants to ask this question while flying. For Capt. Taylor Bye, an A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot assigned to the 23rd Wing at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, this question blared through her mind when she faced a looming crisis during a routine training sortie two years ago. The experience tested her capabilities as an aviator and her ability to maintain a level head. The long-lamented pilot shortage, further exacerbated by the arrival of COVID-19 and the measures airlines took to reduce operating expenses by jettisoning personnel through early retirement and furloughs appears to be knocking hard at the other side of the cabin door. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 05.16.22: Enstrom Bought-Again, Republic v FAA, NTSB Blames FAA
Fri, May 20,2022 09:14:21PM EST
Also: FAA Funds Airport Improvements, WAI Membership Changes, USCG On Launches, United Airlines Chuck Surack, founder of Surack Enterprises, has announced that he has purchased The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation of Menominee, Michigan, to rebuild the Enstrom brand into one of the leading American-made helicopter manufacturers as it once was. In a letter to the Enstrom leadership team, Surack shared his appreciation to the employees for their devotion and dedication overthe years and particularly during the last few difficult months. For some time, Republic Airways has enjoyed a not so favorable opinion in the “Low Time” flying community due to reports of it allegedly engaging in second-in-command (SIC) operations on its single-pilot fleet, and those SIC’s later discovering that their ‘logged time’ is invalid and cannot be applied to flight experience for their Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating. Well, those woes may soon come to an end if Republic Airways gets its way. The NTSB has alleged that the FAA was negligent in preventing the fatal crash of an Air Tour Helicopter in 2019. On 26 December 2019, an Airbus AS350 B2 helicopter that was being used for Air Tours by Safari Aviation crashed in Kekaha, Hawaii, killing the pilot and all six passengers after possibly entering instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

ANNouncement: Now Accepting Applications For Oshkosh 2022 Stringers!!!
Fri, May 20,2022 09:14:11PM EST
An Amazing Experience Awaits The Chosen Few... Oshkosh, to us, seems the perfect place to get started on watching aviation recover the past couple of years... and so ANN is putting EXTRA effort and resources into our coverage of Oshkosh 2022... just a little over 70 days hence. We are now starting the process to seek talented stringers to help us present Oshkosh and the sport and general aviation community to the world around us. If you ever thought about joining us, this is THE year to do it.

Read/Watch/Listen... ANN Does It All
Fri, May 20,2022 09:14:03PM EST
There Are SO Many Ways To Get YOUR Aero-News! It’s been a while since we have reminded everyone about all the ways we offer your daily dose of aviation news here is a full list of ways you can subscribe to our channels and get notifications when there are new episodes or breaking news! 1) Subscribe To Our Newsletter When surveyed, almost half of our audience shared with us that they rely on our daily newsletter to get their aviation news for the day and stay up-to-date in their field or craft. Are you subscribed yet? If not, use the link below to receive our daily Propwash emails that always feature a feed of our latest stories and breaking news. SUBSCRIBE >> /index.cfm?do=newsletter.subscribe

Klyde Morris (05.20.22)
Fri, May 20,2022 09:13:56PM EST
Klyde Finds That Launch Enthusiasm Is Conditional FMI:

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