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L'actualité aéronautique avec Aero-News Network

Airborne 06.29.16: SWA Delays Max, McConnell OKs B29-Doc, AAL Trashes Cameras
Wed, Jun 29,2016 09:29:00PM EST
Also: Flytenow V Supreme Ct, Electric eSpyder, F-35 Adir, IL AirShow, NJ AvTax, FAI Young Artist, Unregistered Airplane To survive in the airline business it is sometimes necessary to be flexible and, according to a report in the Seattle Times, such is the case with Southwest Airlines. Southwest revealed to its investors that they have delayed the delivery of 67 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, while they plan to accelerate the delivery of six 737-800s to 2017 rather than 2018. Delivery of the 737 MAX airplanes may be delayed by as long as six years, according to the report. That would push about $1.9 billion of Boeing's bottom line into the 2020s. It won’t be long before the World War Two Boeing B-29 named, ‘Doc,’ will join the CAF B-29, ‘FIFI,’ to become the second Stratofortress still flying. The U.S. Department of Defense has granted approval for ‘Doc’ to use the non-joint-use runway at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita for final ground testing and first flight operations. The authorization means Doc’s flight crew will begin conversations with base leaders to schedule high-speed taxi testing and eventually takeoffs and landings. Here we go again with another report of someone getting less than lousy service from an airline. Better yet, the disgruntled customer is a professional photographer who video recorded the event. A photographer who was on his way to shoot a wedding in Detroit had to borrow a camera to finish the job after baggage handlers at American Airlines dropped his Pelican case containing some $20,000 worth of equipment. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

AD: Saab AB, Saab Aeronautics
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:49:40PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2016-13-06 PRODUCT: Certain Saab AB, Saab Aeronautics Model 340A (SAAB/SF340A) and SAAB 340B airplanes.

AD: Airbus Helicopters
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:48:33PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2016-13-07 PRODUCT: Airbus Helicopters Model AS365 N3 helicopters.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.30.16)
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:47:27PM EST
FAA Airworthiness Certificates Overview An airworthiness certificate is an FAA document which grants authorization to operate an aircraft in flight.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.30.16): Terminal Area
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:46:41PM EST
A general term used to describe airspace in which approach control service or airport traffic control service is provided.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (06.30.16)
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:45:35PM EST
"NASA does not have an official, coordinated, and consistent mishap investigation policy for commercial resupply launches, which could affect its ability to determine the root cause of a launch failure and implement corrective actions."Source: NASA IG report.

ANN FAQ: The Airborne Unlimited Partnership Initiative
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:44:29PM EST
New Products And Programs From The Leader In Aviation News Online The Airborne Partnership Initiative, we call it the API, is a plan developed by ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, to build a synergistic, industry-wide, aviation/aerospace news program. Our aim is to grow this program to include a significant portion, if not a majority, of the aviation world’s pivotal organizations, interests, and viewpoints.

FAA May Be On Thin Legal Ice In Pilot Certificate Revocation
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:44:18PM EST
UAV Operator Was Subjected To 'Emergency Revocation', But Agency May Have Acted Improperly Ralph Rebaya is in the midst of fighting an emergency revocation of his private pilot certificate for flying a seven-pound UAV in a way the FAA says was reckless and dangerous. But the person issuing the revocation may not have had the authority to do so.

New UAV Rules May Have Significant Impact On Model Airplane Hobby
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:41:58PM EST
Analyst Says Rule May Violate Congressional Mandate Against New Model Airplane Rules An attorney who has analyzed the new FAA rules regarding unmanned aircraft says the new UAS rules may have an adverse effect on the model airplane industry and model airplane flyers.

LM MUOS-5 Responding To Ground Control After Launch
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:38:59PM EST
Satellite Completes U.S. Navy's New Global Military Cellular Network The Naval Spacecraft Operations Control facility at Naval Base Ventura County in California is talking with the fifth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS-5) satellite in space after its successful launch last week. Built by Lockheed Martin, MUOS-5 completes the U.S. Navy’s satellite constellation that will provide a new global military cellular network offering enhanced communications capabilities for mobile forces.

Duncan Aviation &ACSS To Develop Transponders For ADS-B Mandates
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:36:13PM EST
Several Legacy Aircraft On AML, STC Expected Later This Year Duncan Aviation is proud to partner with ACSS to participate in the launch of the NXT-700 transponder and the development of the Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). The NXT-700 is a Mode S transponder that satisfies the DO-260B mandate for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), and the AML STC will include more than a dozen legacy aircraft models.

AF Introduces First Fully Built HH-60G Ops Loss Replacement Helicopter
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:30:59PM EST
Air Force Is Restoring Fleet To Its Authorized Compliment Of Aircraft The Air Force introduced the first of 21 fully built HH-60G Pave Hawk Operational Loss Replacement (OLR) helicopters June 28 at a ceremony in Huntsville, Alabama.

New TBM 930 Delivered To European Corporate Owner
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:28:04PM EST
Italian-Based Industrial Group Owner Of The New Airplane A European corporate operator has taken delivery of a new Daher TBM 930 as its fourth TBM family aircraft. Daher delivered the TBM 930 to the corporate flight department of an Italian-based industrial group this month, the fourth TBM family aircraft this customer has acquired.

Enhanced Vision System For Experimental And Homebuilt Aircraft Now Available
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:25:54PM EST
Astronics Launches The X1+HR, Will Be Available At AirVenture Astronics Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Astronics Max-Viz, is introducing the X1+HR (high resolution) Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for experimental and homebuilt aircraft. It will be on display at the Astronics Booth at EAA AirVenture July 25-29 in Oshkosh, WI.

First Of Two New Airbus A350 XWB Aircraft Delivered To Ethiopian Airlines
Wed, Jun 29,2016 05:24:21PM EST
AerCap Makes First A350 XWB Delivery To An African Carrier AerCap Holdings N.V. has delivered a new Airbus A350-900 to Ethiopian Airlines, the first of two new A350-900 aircraft deliveries on long-term lease to Ethiopian Airlines from AerCap’s order book with Airbus. The aircraft was transferred to Ethiopian Airlines at a ceremony in the Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse, and is the first A350 XWB aircraft to be delivered to an African carrier.

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