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L'actualité aéronautique avec Aero-News Network

Airborne 05.27.16: More MH370 Debris, Airport 4 Sale, Hurricane Hunters
Fri, May 27,2016 05:16:32PM EST
Also: PWC PW307D, Icon Scandal, Memorial Day, IASO, Nat'l Warplane Museum, Gogo Cloud, Orbital ATK, Honor Flight Austin The Australia's Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, has confirmed reports that three new pieces of debris have been found and are of interest in connection to the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Two of the articles were found in Mauritius and one came from Mozambique. Up to this date, it’s reported that more than 40,000 square miles of the 46,000 square mile search zone in the southern Indian Ocean have been examined, according to the Australian government. Now’s your chance if you’re looking to buy an airport…in Germany. Situated in a desirable central location southwest of Berlin, the Madgeburg Cochstedt International Airport is for sale on a Liquidity Services online marketplace. It’s a former Cold War-era Soviet air force base located approximately 120 miles southwest of Berlin. Originally built in 1957, it was expanded to accommodate commercial flight after the reunification of Germany in 1990. In 2010, it had a major infrastructure upgrade. An Air Force Reserve “Hurricane Hunter” aircrew with their WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft joined National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hurricane experts on May 16th through the 20th to promote preparedness at five Gulf Coast cities. The Hurricane Awareness Tour made stops in San Antonio and Galveston, Texas; New Orleans; Mobile, Alabama; and Naples, Florida. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 05.26.16: Icon Flaming Out, Airbus Heli-Patent, UAV Registry
Fri, May 27,2016 04:21:35PM EST
Also: TSA Dust-Up, Honor Flight, The API -- What’s This ALL About?, EASA Cert's G650ER, First E190-E2, DiCaprio BizJet, WingX Pro7, BASE Jump Tragedy Late Wednesday, Icon finally let a few bits of news slip out... and though tightly controlled and hyped to the max, the news is a shocking disappointment that may signal the downfall of the little amphib company that couldn't brag enough... Airbus has filed a patent on an advanced version of its Eurocopter X3, which set an unofficial speed record of 263 knots in 2013. In order for a patent to stand, the filing must be detailed and specific as it relates to the concepts of the item to be patented. On Monday of this week we reported that the FAA would be releasing information regarding registered drone owners limited to city, state, and ZIP Code, but with no name or address information. Now, according to analyst, John Goglia, the FAA may actually be releasing the names and addresses of people who have registered their UAVs on their database, including children as young as 13 years old. The head of security for TSA has been removed from his job, in part because of long security lines at airports that have been shown on TV and posted on YouTube. Kelly Hoggan was let go on Monday, part of a broader shakeup of the agency. TSA administrator Peter Neffenger announced that Darby LaJoye, who has led security operations at both JFK and LAX, would be replacing Hoggan immediately. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.28.16)
Fri, May 27,2016 10:58:56AM EST
Open or Close an Airport or Runway Before opening or closing an airport or runway, airport sponsors should find out the necessary steps and contact their nearest FAA District or Regional Airports Office.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.28.16): Runway Entrance Lights (REL)
Fri, May 27,2016 10:58:17AM EST
An array of red lights which include the first light at the hold line followed by a series of evenly spaced lights to the runway edge aligned with the taxiway centerline.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.28.16)
Fri, May 27,2016 10:57:30AM EST
“This is an important outreach mission to educate the public, especially the children who will take the preparedness message back to their families.” Source: Col. Frank L. Amodeo, the 403rd WG "Hurricane Hunter"commander.

Honor Flight Austin Organizes George H.W. Bush Flight For WWII Veterans
Fri, May 27,2016 10:56:44AM EST
Flight Will Take Veterans To Washington, D.C. For Memorial Day On Friday, May 27, the George H. W. Bush Austin Honor Flight took 48 World War II Veterans and their first Rosie the Riveter passenger to visit their memorials in Washington, DC. This is Austin Honor Flight No. 34 and the fourth this year.

Hurricane Hunters, NOAA Stress Hurricane Preparedness
Fri, May 27,2016 10:55:27AM EST
Aircraft, Crews Toured Gulf Coast States During Hurricane Awareness Week An Air Force Reserve “Hurricane Hunter” aircrew with their WC-130J Super Hercules joined National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hurricane experts May 16-20 to promote preparedness at five Gulf Coast cities.

Monacair Takes Delivery Of Its Sixth H130
Fri, May 27,2016 10:54:27AM EST
Final Aircraft To Be Delivered Under Current Contract Monacair has received the last H130 of a contract for six units signed in September 2015. Like the previous five aircraft, the new helicopter will join the regular scheduled flight service that Monacair has set up between Monaco Heliport and Nice International airport.

LM Delivers NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft To Launch Site
Fri, May 27,2016 10:53:34AM EST
Asteroid Sample Return Spacecraft Progressing Toward A September Launch NASA’s asteroid sampling spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, took an across-country journey of about 1,600 miles before it launches on its 509 million mile journey to the asteroid Bennu. On May 20, Lockheed Martin delivered the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Airman Missing From Vietnam War Accounted For
Fri, May 27,2016 10:52:27AM EST
U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Donald W. Bruch, Jr., 24, Of Montclair, NJ Will Be Buried May 29 The remains of a U.S. serviceman missing since the Vietnam War have been identified and will be returned to his family for burial with full military honors, according to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA).

NASA Critical Of Asteroid Study Mission Critic
Fri, May 27,2016 10:51:33AM EST
Former Microsoft Exec Says NEOWISE Data Is Flawed In a white paper submitted to the journal Icarus, the former chief of technology for Microsoft who later founded a patent-monetization company Nathan Myhrvold says that data collected by NASA's NEOWISE telescope do not provide reliable size estimates of asteroids which may pose a threat to Earth.

Russian ISS Taxi Service To End In 2018
Fri, May 27,2016 10:50:16AM EST
TASS: No New Contracts With NASA Will Be Pursued The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos will not be ferrying any more U.S. Astronauts to ISS when the current agreement between that agency and NASA expires in 2018.

Navy Reports F/A-18F 'Mishap'Off Coast Of North Carolina
Fri, May 27,2016 10:48:43AM EST
Both Crews Survive Incident, Transported To A Hospital For Evaluation Two F/A-18F Super Hornets assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 211 flying off the coast of Cape Hatteras were involved in an in-flight mishap at approximately 10:40 a.m. local time Thursday. The flight was part of a routine training mission.

ANN FAQ: Getting The Word Out
Fri, May 27,2016 09:50:48AM EST
Things To Know When You Send A News Release Aero-News gets hundreds of releases every week, ranging from industry giants like Boeing and Cessna to the smallest of flying clubs and the most quaint of air shows. After having seen the best and the worst in press releases over the years, we have some ideas to help companies do so much more to help themselves, both with ANN and with the general media.

Airbus: Signal Detected From EgyptAir Flight 804 ELT
Fri, May 27,2016 08:51:57AM EST
Narrows Search Area In Effort To Find The Missing Plane Airbus says it has detected signals from the Emergency Locator Transmitter that was aboard the A320 operating as EgyptAir Flight 804, which went down last week in the Mediterranean Sea.

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