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L'actualité aéronautique avec Aero-News Network

ANN Special Report: Colorado NIMBYs Defeated... For Now
Sun, May 24,2015 11:20:20PM EST
Vicious Campaign Against Skydiving Operation By Small, But Vocal, Group Loses Court Case News/Analysis by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell Those of us who work and play in the aviation world have seen it all before... a small GA airport falls victim to complaints as more and more homes are built/sold/occupied around it and a number of the homeowners (and not necessarily all that many, percentage-wise) decide that their own sensibilities take precedence over those they would seek to displace, silence, even destroy... despite the fact that the airport was (in most cases) there long before they arrived. These are the same people who ignore the noise made by their lawnmowers, motorcycles, music systems, and other audible properties but become positively unglued when an airplane drones by for a few seconds while in the process of taking off or landing... with durations far less lengthy than other audible attractions. That being said, an amazing court action came to a close this past week...

Airborne 05.22.15: Falcon 5X Readies, Avidyne AD, LadiesLoveTaildraggers 2015
Sun, May 24,2015 11:12:22PM EST
Also: Air Power Museum, ANN Could Use A Little Help From Its Friends, GE Honda, Mexican-Registry TBM 900, Legacy 500, BBJ Winglets, Wheels Up Order The new Falcon 5X is getting closer to its first flight as Dassault announced they are planning a roll out on June 2nd. They say the 5X is expected to make its maiden flight this summer. The number one 5X was powered up for the first time at the end of August last year, and system and vibration ground testing began last fall. An Emergency Airworthiness Directive, AD 2015-10-51 has been issued to owners and operators of all aircraft that incorporate certain Avidyne Corporation Integrated Flight Displays. The AD references to specific part numbers and software releases for Model R9 ten-inch and Model R9 twelve-inch units. Join the ladies of LadiesLoveTaildraggers for their 6th annual fly-in May 29 through the 31st. This year they will be converging on the Sulphur Springs Texas Airport for a fun taildraggin'4-day weekend. True to their name, they will be celebrating aircraft with the tiny wheel on the back and the ladies who fly them. ALL women pilots, nose-wheel and tailwheel, are invited! All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Deadline For $30 Million Google Lunar XPRIZE Extended To End Of 2017
Sun, May 24,2015 10:46:49PM EST
Progress Continues To Be Made To Return Humanity To The Moon XPRIZE and Google have officially confirmed a further extension of the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE. XPRIZE notes that they continue to see substantial progress from their teams, and after months of discussion, they have decided to provide additional time for teams to plan and make arrangements for a future launch. Securing an available window with a launch provider is a calculated logistical process that can be many months in the making, in some cases more than a year, so an extended schedule will benefit the teams a great deal as they move towards taking the next step in the competition.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.25.15)
Sun, May 24,2015 05:22:46PM EST
“It is the Sikorsky Innovations charter to identify the toughest challenges in vertical flight, and to demonstrate solutions to them. Getting an all-new aircraft into flight, especially one with game-changing capabilities, is a remarkable feat. With this first flight of the S-97 RAIDER helicopter, Sikorsky Aircraft is proving once again that the tough challenges will always propel us forward.” Source: Mark Miller, Sikorsky Aircraft Vice President of Research & Engineering, following the first flight test of the S-97 RAIDER.

S-97 Raider Starts Flight Test Program
Sun, May 24,2015 05:20:14PM EST
CoAxial Helo Heralds Development Of Exciting New Rotorcraft We knew it was close... and now it's real. Sikorsky has confirmed the successful first flight of the S-97 RAIDER helicopter, a rigid coaxial rotor prototype designed to demonstrate a combination of maneuverability, hover ability, range, speed, endurance and survivability. The first flight was conducted at Sikorsky’s Development Flight Center (DFC) where the two-prototype RAIDER helicopter test program is based.

Man Accused Of 'Unlawful Photography'For UAV Images
Sat, May 23,2015 10:31:35PM EST
Had Flown His Aircraft Over A VA Hospital In Louisiana A man has been accused of "unlawful photography"for capturing images of a Veterans Administration hospital in Louisiana using a UAV.

Water Retention Pond Near Boeing's SC Plant Has A Familiar Shape
Sat, May 23,2015 10:29:08PM EST
But Engineers Say The 'Plane Pond'Is The Result Of Serendipity It didn't start out to look like an airplane, but engineers building a water retention pond near Boeing's North Charleston, SC assembly facility said that when the unique features of the 20 acre stormwater runoff collection pond started looking like an airplane, they just went with it.

GE Aviation, Woodward Combine Fuel Systems Expertise For New Joint Venture
Sat, May 23,2015 10:29:05PM EST
JV Awarded Fuel System For GE9X Engine Powering The New Boeing 777X Woodward has announced a strategic 50/50 joint venture for fuel systems for GE's large commercial aircraft engine lines. The new joint venture will design, develop, source, supply and service the fuel system, including components from the fuel inlet up to the fuel nozzle, for the GE90, GEnx, GE9X and all future large commercial engines developed by GE Aviation. Woodward will be the preferred supplier to the joint venture.

Why We Call It 'Memorial Day'
Sat, May 23,2015 10:29:02PM EST
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13) As we go about our business enjoying a holiday weekend, let us not forget what this is ALL about... that great men and women of unquestionable courage, character and patriotism don a uniform and prepare to defend all we love and care for. Most times, thank God, they come home to a grateful nation safe and sound. Other times, a horrible price is paid for what we are privileged to celebrate this weekend. God Bless All those called to serve and who answer that call with Courage...

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.24.15): Inflow Notch
Sat, May 23,2015 10:28:57PM EST
Inflow Notch A radar signature characterized by an indentation in the reflectivity pattern on the inflow side of the storm. The indentation often is V-shaped, but this term should not be confused with V-notch. Supercell thunderstorms often exhibit inflow notches, usually in the right quadrant of a classic supercell, but sometimes in the eastern part of an HP storm or in the rear part of a storm (rear inflow notch).

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.24.15)
Sat, May 23,2015 10:28:45PM EST
Aero Linx: The Order of Daedalians The Order of Daedalians honors, as its Founder Members, all WW I aviators who were commissioned as officers and rated as military pilots no later than the Armistice on 11 November 1918. It perpetuates their names as the first to fly our country's airplanes in time of war. The Order's membership of commissioned, warrant and flight officer military pilots and WASPs, with its worldwide network of Daedalian Flights and its comprehensive awards program, supports the military services and other aerospace activities...

Realtors Finding It Easier To Get Drone Approval, Panel Says
Sat, May 23,2015 10:28:39PM EST
But Caution Must Be Exercised During Use The path for Realtors to follow to use drones as part of their work is easier than ever before, said the first Realtor to obtain a Section 333 exemption for that purpose, but they must be careful in how they use them.

Textron Aviation Strengthens Service Network For European Operators
Sat, May 23,2015 10:28:36PM EST
Increasing Parts Inventory For All Aircraft At Dusseldorf Distribution Center Textron Aviation has reiterated its continued investments and ongoing momentum in the company’s service organization since the debut of the division.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.24.15)
Sat, May 23,2015 10:28:31PM EST
"As we go about our business enjoying a holiday weekend, let us not forget what this is ALL about... that great men and women of unquestionable courage, character and patriotism don a uniform and prepare to defend all we love and care for. Most times, thank God, they come home to a grateful nation safe and sound. Other times, a horrible price is paid for what we are privileged to celebrate this weekend. God Bless All those called to serve and who answer that call with Courage."Source: From notes written by ANN CEO Jim Campbell, in honor of Memorial Day, 2015.

ANN FAQ: You Can Sponsor ANN And/Or Aero-TV!
Sat, May 23,2015 10:28:26PM EST
Help ANN Grow So That We Can Be Of Greater Service To You! For the better part of a dozen years, ANN has set the pace for the growing and evolving aero-info revolution. No other news service has done what ANN has done... and no one did it before we showed the rest of the aero-world how it's done.

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