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Airborne 11.25.15: Blue Origin Reusable Rocket!, AMA Reacts, Transgender Pilots
Sun, Nov 29,2015 07:30:25PM EST
Also: UK CAA, E-Fest 2015, Citizens In Space, Gulfstream G500, Dassault Falcon Jet, CFM LEAP-1A, Tuskegee's Milton Crenchaw ANN Airborne Link: /index.cfm?do=video.playVideo&videoid=7824c250-2728-412d-b94d-2bcca62a2304 YouTube Airborne Link: Blue Origin announced yesterday that its New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet, that’s about 62 miles, before executing an historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas on Monday. Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos said in part, “We are building Blue Origin to seed an enduring human presence in space, to help us move beyond this blue planet that is the origin of all we know.” In its press announcement regarding the findings of the UAS Registration Task Force, the FAA stressed that all members of the task force, from toy manufacturers to airlines, agreed to the recommendations, and that there was no dissension among the diverse groups at the table. It now seems that may have been a bit of an overstatement. Dave Mathewson, executive director of the Academy of Model Aeronautics has issued a written responded to the task force recommendations. The Transgender Law Center based in Oakland, California says that the FAA holds transgender pilots to an unreasonably high standard when it comes to being granted a medical certificate. The issue has been brought up by Jessica Zacharias. It’s reported she said that every year since 2001, she had renewed her medical certificate in accordance with the FARs. But in 2013, she reported to the FAA that she was in the process of transitioning from male to female, and that's when the FAA said they would require extra medical information from her. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Klyde Morris (11.20.15)
Sun, Nov 29,2015 05:45:13PM EST
Klyde Is SO Ready For An Upgrade... FMI:

FlightSafety International Further Enhances Gulfstream G650 Training
Sun, Nov 29,2015 05:43:43PM EST
Simulator Upgrades Include Autobrake Systems For Initial And Recurrent Training FlightSafety continues to enhance its Gulfstream G650 training program with upgrades to the simulators. The Autobrakes system has been added to the initial and recurrent training programs. FlightSafety has worked with Gulfstream to ensure this addition to the G650 training curriculum fulfills the requirements of the FAA FSB Report and EASA OSD.

Spirit Begins Production Of First Production RAAF P-8A
Sun, Nov 29,2015 05:43:21PM EST
Aircraft Scheduled For Delivery In Early 2016 Spirit AeroSystems Inc. has begun production of the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) first production P-8A aircraft. Spirit started production on the 737 military derivative in October. With major assembly now underway, the first unit is scheduled to deliver to Boeing in early 2016.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (11.30.15)
Sun, Nov 29,2015 05:41:51PM EST
"ICARUS is going to revolutionize how we approach pilot training. It provides experience to student pilots that we cannot provide right now outside of a simulator. This product will create a better and safer generation of pilots - it is a game-changer."Source: Audra Hoy, Director of AeroInnovate, commenting on a pilot training device that will fundamentally change the way pilot train for instrument flight under development by ICARUS Devices.

ANN: State/Federal Attention Needed In Skydive Myrtle Beach Shutdown
Sun, Nov 29,2015 04:11:11PM EST
ANN Requests Investigation By DoT IG, US Atty General, and SC SAG Offices For over 30 years, the staff of Aero-News -- as part of ANN and its prior iterations -- have attempted to practice aggressive investigative journalism when Aviation issues appeared to require such attention. From the Donald Edwin Jones/Maxair scams of the 1980s to more recent dangers/issues like the David Riggs crimes and the Cirrus Design/Aircraft attacks on a number of aviation persons and business, we have sought to find solutions to issues that have threatened the lives, freedoms, and/or livelihoods of our friends throughout the aviation world. Over the course of a number of weeks, the ANN editorial staff has been perusing hundreds of pages of documents surrounding the forced closure of a South Carolina aviation business, based at the Grand Strand Airport, by county officials...

Duncan Aviation Schedules Final ADS-B Seminar Of 2015
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:41:10PM EST
Presents Practical Information About ADS-B And FANS 1A Mandates Duncan Aviation has scheduled its final free ADS-B seminar for 2015. The seminar will be held December 9, 2015. Regional Avionics Sales Manager Mark Francetic will host the final seminar of the year at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant in Van Nuys, California.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (11.29.15)
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:40:20PM EST
Aero-News Quote of the Day "Thales pioneered fly-by-wire technology almost 40 years ago, and we believe that Cessna’s confidence in us as we embark on this exciting next step in flight control development is a major milestone. Rudder-by-wire helps on many of the modern challenges faced by OEMs. We therefore look forward to working with Cessna on flight control electronics for this superb business jet.” Source: Michel Grenier, Thales Vice President for Avionics in Canada, following the announcement that a unique Rudder Flight Control electronics system developed by Thales will fly on the Cessna Citation Longitude.

Passengers Call 911 After Being Refused Boarding
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:37:23PM EST
Other Passengers Said They Were Afraid To Fly With The Naturalized American Citizens Two men who had immigrated to the United States from Palestine 15 years ago and have become American citizens were barred from boarding a Southwest flight in Chicago to return to Philadelphia where they live recently because another passenger said he was afraid to fly on the same plane as the pair.

New IFR Training System Set For Release
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:37:06PM EST
Company Says Device Will 'Revolutionize'IFR Training A pilot training device that will fundamentally change the way pilot train for instrument flight under development by ICARUS Devices is set for introduction in the near future.

JetBlue Plans To Recruit Zero-Time Pilots For Training Program
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:36:47PM EST
Modeled After Programs Used By Some European And Asian Carriers JetBlue has crafted a program in which people with an eye on an airline career but no flight experience would have a pathway to the cockpit in hopes of attracting a broader group of potential pilots.

Frasca Delivers First Grob FTD In Long Term Contract
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:36:32PM EST
Utilizes Original Aircraft Parts, Meets EASA Level 2 Requirements Grob Aircraft AG, Mattsies/Germany has taken delivery of the first of several 120TP-SIM Flight Training Devices (FTDs) from Frasca International, Urbana, IL as part of a Long Term Supply Agreement (LTSA). The FTD has been delivered to the Grob factory in Germany.

AeroSports Update: When Are We Going To See An Electric Powered LSA?
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:36:10PM EST
It Seems Like Electric Power And The Light Sport Aircraft Were Made For Each Other, But The Only Thing Like That Has Only Showed Up In Europe It does seem odd that electric power has not been used in aircraft that meets the light sport aircraft (LSA) definition. The fact is, it’s the very definition of LSA in FAR Part 1.1 that precludes it from being powered with an electric motor because the rule requires an LSA to be powered with a reciprocating engine.

High School Teachers Invited To Experience Astronaut Training, Development
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:35:38PM EST
Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy Delivers Teaching Techniques Designed To Inspire Students'Interest In STEM Teachers of mathematics and science around the world are invited to apply for the 2015 Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy (HESA) program, a simulated astronaut training and professional development program of Honeywell at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

CAE To Provide USAF With C-17/KC-135 Aeromedical Evacuation Training System
Sat, Nov 28,2015 01:35:13PM EST
High-Fidelity Fuselage Trainer Represents Both Aircraft CAE has received an order from ADS, Inc. on behalf of the U.S. Air Force through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) program to provide the U.S. Air Force at Dobbins Air Reserve Base (ARB) with another Aeromedical Evacuation Training System.

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