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Airborne 04.15.15: Eclipse/Kestrel Game-Changer!, SpaceX Launches, Flight Design
Thu, Apr 16,2015 05:47:11PM EST
Also: Papillon's 50th Anniversary, Recrafting Paul’s Game-Changing Baby Ace, Beechcraft Fined, FreeFlight Software, Rotorcraft Safety Conference, NexNav Intro's Call it the Aero-Marriage of the decade... It has just been announced that Alan Klapmeier will lead the integration and growth of a new multiple-product aviation company incorporating two of our favorite aircraft -- and people. ONE Aviation Corporation has been formed to design, develop, and manufacture a family of aircraft, each of which will be a market leader in its category and class. ONE Aviation’s core products include the Eclipse 550 twin-engine light jet and the Kestrel K350 single-engine turboprop. The fact that private industry is being used by the United States to resupply the International Space Station, and that the SpaceX Company successfully launched its 6th mission yesterday, should be a big story. It is, but it’s not the only story of this mission. The most recent attempt to land the booster occurred yesterday, and resulted in an “almost success.” The rocket did land vertically on the barge but then tumbled over because of sideways motion of the floating landing pad. Last fall, Flight Design, manufacturer of the popular CT-series of Light-Sport Aircraft, promised to fly its new, certified four-seated airplane, called the C4, by the opening of the German Aero Friedrichshafen show. The development team achieved their goal last week. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 04.16.15: Record-Setting AEA15, 9000 RVs!!!, ULA's 'Vulcan'
Thu, Apr 16,2015 05:46:53PM EST
Also: DJI Phantom 3, API Update, Skyhawks In China, Air Methods Fined, Naming Pluto Features, Era Group Sale The 58th annual Aviation Electronics Association International Convention & Trade Show, which took place April 8 through the 11th in Dallas, Texas, attracted 1,897 attendees with more than 350 avionics repair shops and more than 20 countries represented. The attendance figure breaks the event's previous high mark set in 2005. In addition, more than 135 companies displayed their products and services in the AEA Exhibit Hall, which sold out for the first time since 2005. Just in case you weren’t already aware of this fact, Van’s Aircraft is highly successful in the kit-built aircraft market, and they have just reported that kit number 9,000 has been completed and flown. This seems to indicate they are doing something right. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

AD: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Airplanes
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:45:41PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2015-07-04 PRODUCT: PILATUS Aircraft Ltd. Model PC-7 airplanes.

AD: The Boeing Company Airplanes
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:43:34PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2015-07-07 PRODUCT: Certain Boeing Model 777-200, -200LR, -300ER, and 777F series airplanes.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.17.15)
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:42:09PM EST
da Vinci Ornithopter The concept of an ornithopter, an aircraft which flies by virtue of flapping wings like a bird, has been around literally for centuries. One of the first to put the concept on paper was Leonardo da Vinci in 1485.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.17.15): AIRMET
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:37:32PM EST
Inflight weather advisory issued as an amendment to the area forecast, concerning weather phenomena of operational interest to all aircraft.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (04.17.15)
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:36:41PM EST
“Our overall assessment is we’re making slow but steady progress on all fronts, and each day, the program is improving.” Source: Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan, F-35 Program Director.

ANN FAQ: Aero-Twitters Offer Instant Alerts For Breaking News
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:33:19PM EST
Say Hello To Aero-Twitter! Twitter is designed to work on a mobile phone as well as on a computer (and can be accessed via your IM clients). All Twitter messages (called "Tweets", naturally) are limited to 140 characters, so each message can be sent as a single SMS alert. Brevity is a virtue when using Twitter, since you can't say much in 140 characters (then again, the world would probably be a better place if people spent less time reading their cell-phones, anyway).

UM Rosenstiel School Unveils New Helicopter Observation Platform
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:33:13PM EST
One-Of-A-Kind Flying Laboratory Supports Critical Climate And Human Health Research The University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science unveiled today its one-of-a-kind flying scientific laboratory. The Helicopter Observation Platform (HOP) allows scientists to obtain vital information about our climate and human health.

Hartzell Offers Composite Props For Retrofit On Cirrus SR22
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:27:03PM EST
Company Says Reduced Weight Aids Performance, Noise Owners and Operators of Cirrus SR22 series aircraft can now purchase Hartzell Propeller’s three-blade structural composite carbon fiber propeller for aircraft that were originally delivered with metal props.

Carabineros de Chile AW139 Achieves Operational Readiness
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:25:45PM EST
Brings Enhanced 'High & Hot'Capabilities For A Range Of Parapublic Roles AgustaWestland announced today that the AW139 intermediate twin helicopter delivered to the Carabineros de Chile has now entered service. The aircraft will be used to support a wide range of missions including public order and safety, crime control, counter terrorism, drug control and border security across the nation, search and rescue and transport.

Remains Of Pilot Found In Cameroon
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:24:20PM EST
Bill Fitzpatrick Had Disappeared Nearly A Year Ago The remains of pilot Bill Fitzpatrick and his Cessna 172 that went down nearly a year ago in Cameroon on an anti-poaching mission have been discovered by villagers in the area.

Blue Origin Completes Acceptance Testing Of BE-3 Engine
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:18:33PM EST
Will Boost New Shepard Suborbital Flight Blue Origin recently completed acceptance testing of its BE-3 rocket engine, the first new hydrogen engine to be developed in the United States in more than a decade. The 110,000-lbf BE-3 will power Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital system, and later, will be modified for upper stage applications.

EASA Certifies 14-Place Grand Caravan EX
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:17:27PM EST
Company Says Move Will Open New Markets For The Airplane EASA has certified a 14-place configuration for Cessna's Grand Caravan EX, the company announced Wednesday at AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany.

Jeppesen Adds Audio Warnings Feature To Mobile FliteDeck VFR
Thu, Apr 16,2015 02:16:23PM EST
Other New VFR App Functionality Includes Automatic Flight Time Logging To Simplify Flying Jeppesen recently teamed with renowned audio specialist and aviation headset provider Sennheiser to introduce automatic audio warnings as a new feature of its popular flight information solution for private pilots who fly under visual flight rules – Mobile FliteDeck VFR.

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