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Annual Oshkosh 2014 'Best/Worst Of'Award Selection Invites YOUR Participation!
Mon, Sep 01,2014 08:08:41PM EST
YOU Can Contribute To The Annual List Compiled By The Staff and Readership of the ANN and Aero-TV! E-I-C Note: We're going to start naming names and dropping details THIS week--- this is your last chance to be heard!!! For quite a while, we have recognized the highs and lows inherent in the general and sport aviation community -- and yes, we’ve had a bit of fun in the process. There are but a few places where that is more a propos than at a major event like the Annual Oshkosh Fly-In -- a place where one can take a solid read on the heart and soul of aviation. It's hard to know what really is going to make a difference and what really qualifies as exceptional unless you've been watching this industry carefully for several years... as we have.

Airborne 08.29.14: Google Drone!, Cessna's 10,000th, Bearhawk LODA
Mon, Sep 01,2014 07:46:37PM EST
Also: Big Boeing Order, Napa Tower Quaked, Landsberg Retires, Galileo Falters Breaking News! Google has unveiled an exciting new UAV project, called Project Wing, which has been under development in Australia--reportedly a more productive environment to work because of the confusion spawned by the US FAA... The 10,000th single-engine Cessna aircraft has been delivered from Textron Aviation's Independence, Kansas facility since its first delivery in June 1996. Liberty University took delivery of this milestone aircraft, a Cessna Skyhawk, along with two other Cessna Skyhawks, adding to its growing flight training fleet. Bearhawk builder, owner, and certified flight instructor, Jared Yates of Hickory, North Carolina has received a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) from the FAA allowing him to provide commercial transition flight instruction in his four-place Bearhawk. Without the LODA, commercial training in an experimental amateur built aircraft is not allowed. The FAA is still churning its way through the process of determining rules for UAVs in the National Airspace System, but that hasn't slowed down some companies from making long-range plans for the aircraft popularly known as "drones."According to reports, the latest is Disney, which through its subsidiary Disney Enterprises has filed for three UAV-related patents. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Aero-TV: The Tecnam Juggernaut -- SeaSky, P2008, P2010, Trainers, and Astore!
Mon, Sep 01,2014 05:57:06PM EST
An Impressive Line-Up Continues To Make A Solid Impact On Sport Aviation ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell seized the opportunity to talk with Phil Solomon, the CEO of Tecnam North America, while at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. Jim’s first questions were about Tecnam’s new P 2008 light sport aircraft. The P 2008 represents the high end of Tecnam’s line of light sport aircraft and has the Rotax 914 turbocharged engine under the cowl. And if you’re a fan of low-wing airplanes, Tecnam’s Astore is the high-end answer for the lovers of the “wing underneath” configuration.

AD: Bombardier, Inc. Airplanes
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:33:34AM EST
AD NUMBER: 2014-17-04 PRODUCT: Certain Bombardier, Inc. Model CL-600-2B19 (Regional Jet Series 100 & 440) airplanes.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.02.14)
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:32:45AM EST
FAA General Aviation Airports Report Beginning in 2010, the FAA began a national review of the general aviation airports resulting in two reports, General Aviation Airports: A National Asset issued in May 2012 and ASSET 2 issued in March 2014.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.02.14): Obstacle
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:32:01AM EST
An existing object, object of natural growth, or terrain at a fixed geographical location or which may be expected at a fixed location within a prescribed area.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (09.02.14)
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:31:12AM EST
"It was Conrad's idea to land at every state capital in the lower 48 and Alaska, but I thought we should do it all in two weeks."Source: Field Morey, who along with Conrad Teitell plans to land in 49 state capitals in two weeks beginning September 16)

ANN FAQ: View Aero-News YOUR Way ... The 'Headlines And Teasers'Option
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:30:13AM EST
Choose How YOU Want To View Your Aero News: Headlines And Teasers We're all pretty excited about the new website design here at ANN, but we HAVE heard from some of you that you liked the way that content was displayed on the old site. We hear you, and before you chuck your bitgrinder out a 5th story window, you should know that there are several ways that you can view your Aero-Content.

Lockheed Martin Completes Acquisition Of Astrotech Space Operations
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:30:10AM EST
Will Become A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of The Aerospace Giant Lockheed Martin has completed the acquisition of the assets of the Astrotech Space Operations business of Astrotech Corporation.

JetSupport Extends Avionics Dealership With Honeywell Authorization
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:29:08AM EST
Bendix King Product Line, Support Services Part Of Increased Scope Of Work After JetSupport’s recent extension of its scope of work with the Honeywell engine product line, the company’s avionics shop has also become part of the Honeywell service network by adding the Honeywell and Bendix King service authorization to its scope of business.

UAV Manufacturer Moves To Nevada From California
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:27:39AM EST
Ashima Devices To Relocate To Reno UAV Manufacturer Ashima Devices announced Tuesday that it would be relocating its corporate headquarters and about 400 jobs from Pasadena, California to Reno, Nevada.

Comet Mission Identifies Five Candidate Landing Sites
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:26:07AM EST
Rosetta Spacecraft 'Spoiled'With Possible Options It's something that has never been done before; a mission team selecting a landing site on a comet. But soon, the Philae lander will be the first spacecraft ever to land on a comet and conduct in situ measurements.

Scientist Uncovers Mars'Climate History In Unique Meteorite
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:23:09AM EST
Florida State University Researcher Finds Evidence Of Climate Change Was Mars — now a cold, dry place — once a warm, wet planet that sustained life? And if so, how long has it been cold and dry?

Aegean Airlines Adds Two Aircraft To Previous A320ceo Order
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:21:44AM EST
Now Seven New Aircraft To Join The All-Airbus Single Aisle Fleet Aegean Airlines has signed a firm contract with Airbus for two additional A320ceo aircraft, adding to a previous order for five A320s aircraft placed in September 2007.

IBA Announces Helicopter Price Guide
Mon, Sep 01,2014 10:20:22AM EST
Evaluates Over 40 Aircraft To Establish 'Value Opinion'The International Bureau of Aviation's most recent publication reveals IBA's value opinion on over 40 helicopters.

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