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Airborne 05.26.15: S-97 1st Flt, SpaceShipTwo Progress, CO NIMBYs Lose In Court
Tue, May 26,2015 09:16:49PM EST
Also: Sprite UAV, Aero-Calendar, USAF Theater, Aussie F-35, ISS Hacked?, DuPage Airport, ND UAVs Innovation in vertical lift flight took place as Sikorsky Aircraft announced the successful first flight of their S-97 RAIDER helicopter. This unique machine features a rigid coaxial rotor prototype designed to demonstrate a game-changing combination of maneuverability, hover ability, range, speed, endurance and survivability. During the first test flight, which lasted approximately an hour, it performed a series of maneuvers designed to test the aircraft's hover and low-speed capability. Virgin Galactic reported last week that the second SpaceShipTwo had been lowered onto its landing gear in a hangar in California. The spacecraft intended to carry paying passengers on sub-orbital flights was already in development when a tragic accident resulted in the destruction of the first SpaceShipTwo on October 31 last year during a powered test flight. In a report issued on Airborne Unlimited earlier this month, we told the story of a concern for aircraft noise in Longmont, Colorado. The complaints came from a small but vocal group of citizens that had formed together calling themselves, Citizens for Quiet Skies. Their complaint was that a local skydiving operation, known as the Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, was creating excessive noise as their Twin Otter aircraft traversed near residential areas. In a 13 page ruling last week, the Judge denied every claim brought by the plaintiffs against Mile-Hi Skydiving. According to a report, the basis for the ruling rests on a foundation in federal laws and regulations regarding airplane noise. As expected, no evidence was found that violations has taken place. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Aero-Help Wanted: ANN Needs A Good Honest Marketing Manager
Tue, May 26,2015 05:38:42PM EST
ANN/Aero-TV Marketing Department Needs Part or Full Time Personnel E-I-C Note: After months of hints, we've unveiled the beginnings of the 'Airborne Unlimited'project and we're excited to report that we're making stunning, if highly educational, progress. But; it's time to ramp up some efforts here... marketing, in particular... and we need someone exceptional for the job! If you'd like to help chart the course for a game-changing program produced by THE company that transformed the aviation news and information industry, NOW is the time to check us out -- JRC, ANN E-I-C.

AeroSports Update: Jimmy Stewart’s Twin Cessna To Be Restored
Tue, May 26,2015 03:56:28PM EST
Pennsylvania EAA Chapter To Restore The Actor's Cessna 310 Hollywood motion pictures can make heroes out of the most unlikely people, and we have certainly seen that in many poorly produced aviation movies. However, actor Jimmy Stewart was the real deal when it came to an aviation background. Fortunately, some EAA members have decided to restore one of his airplanes to honor his memory.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.27.15)
Tue, May 26,2015 03:51:54PM EST
Cockpit Footage TBM Avenger Emergency Landing Arsenal Of Democracy VE Day Flyover This is the Emergency Landing at DCA, Reagan National, of the Military Aviation Museum TBM Avenger during the 70th anniversary of VE Day, Arsenal of Democracy flyover.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.27.15): Negative
Tue, May 26,2015 03:51:16PM EST
Contradicts a previous statement by the other speaker.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.27.15)
Tue, May 26,2015 03:50:31PM EST
“MAS needs to operate and utilize its fleet at an optimum level besides maximizing revenue on the route it flies.” Source: Statement by Malaysian Airlines Chief Executive Officer Christoph Mueller on the restructuring of the carrier.

Luke's 56th Fighter Wing Has A New Mission
Tue, May 26,2015 03:49:53PM EST
F-35 Lighting II Now Included In Unit's Mission Statement Luke Air Force Base's 56th Fighter Wing conducted a change of mission ceremony May 21, formally including the F-35 Lightning II as part of the wing's new mission statement.

Aer Lingus Sale Near Approval
Tue, May 26,2015 03:47:31PM EST
Report Presented To Government Says Offer Is 'Fair'British Airways parent company IAG may soon be the owner of a 25 percent stake in Aer Lingus.

United Assigns All-Female Crew For Delivery Flight
Tue, May 26,2015 03:46:18PM EST
No Men On Board For Flight From Boeing Field To O'Hare When United Airlines took delivery of its latest 737-900ER airplane last week, it made a statement about the role women play with the airline. It assigned an all-female flight deck and cabin crew for the ferry flight from Boeing Field in Seattle to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

UAV Hits Spectators At Marblehead, MA Memorial Day Parade
Tue, May 26,2015 03:45:12PM EST
One Man Slightly Injured, No Charges Filed This will likely give some fodder to the Anti-UAV crowd. A quadcopter that was being flown over the Marblehead, MA Memorial Day Parade Monday got away from its operator and struck two people watching the parade, causing a minor cut on the back of the neck of one person.

Court Orders Sale Of Aircraft Including P-51D
Tue, May 26,2015 03:43:23PM EST
Sale To Satisfy An Estate To Begin June 2 Some fortunate bidder has an opportunity to pick up a rare P-51D airplane early next month, as the Probate Court of Los Angeles has ordered it to be sold, along with an additional Packard Rolls Royce V150-9 Engine. Two other airplanes are also being offered for sale.

Aero-TV: Just Like The 'Real'Thing – Redbird/Disney’s ‘Dusty’ FlightSim
Tue, May 26,2015 03:38:53PM EST
Disclaimer: No Matter What He Tells You, Tom Patton Is Not A Certified Firefighting Pilot While at EAA AirVenture 2014, ANN News Editor, Tom Patton checked out what was going on at the Redbird Flight Simulation display. Tom talked with Josh Harnagel, the Director of Online Marketing for Redbird Flight Simulations. Redbird is becoming known as the innovator in aviation simulation and in the way simulation is used in flight training. However, as important as flight simulation can be, it’s also a lot of fun. Harnagel said they were approached by the Walt Disney Company to produce a simulation program to be used in promoting their new movie, Planes: Fire & Rescue. To accomplish this, Redbird took one of their serious simulators, the MX2, and programmed it to represent the star of the movie, Dusty Crophopper.

Airborne 05.22.15: Falcon 5X Readies, Avidyne AD, LadiesLoveTaildraggers 2015
Tue, May 26,2015 03:38:30PM EST
Also: Air Power Museum, ANN Could Use A Little Help From Its Friends, GE Honda, Mexican-Registry TBM 900, Legacy 500, BBJ Winglets, Wheels Up Order The new Falcon 5X is getting closer to its first flight as Dassault announced they are planning a roll out on June 2nd. They say the 5X is expected to make its maiden flight this summer. The number one 5X was powered up for the first time at the end of August last year, and system and vibration ground testing began last fall. An Emergency Airworthiness Directive, AD 2015-10-51 has been issued to owners and operators of all aircraft that incorporate certain Avidyne Corporation Integrated Flight Displays. The AD references to specific part numbers and software releases for Model R9 ten-inch and Model R9 twelve-inch units. Join the ladies of LadiesLoveTaildraggers for their 6th annual fly-in May 29 through the 31st. This year they will be converging on the Sulphur Springs Texas Airport for a fun taildraggin'4-day weekend. True to their name, they will be celebrating aircraft with the tiny wheel on the back and the ladies who fly them. ALL women pilots, nose-wheel and tailwheel, are invited! All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

USAF Student Test Pilots Evaluate Textron Airland Scorpion, Beechcraft AT-6
Tue, May 26,2015 03:31:16PM EST
Flights Conducted As Part Of The USAF Test Pilot School Capstone Project Textron AirLand, LLC and Beechcraft Defense Company recently hosted student pilots from the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School at Textron Aviation’s Wichita, Kansas facilities to evaluate capabilities of the Scorpion ISR/strike jet and Beechcraft AT-6 light attack aircraft as part of the school’s Capstone Project.

Gone West: Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. John Mosley
Tue, May 26,2015 03:30:17PM EST
Denver Native Was 93 Denver native John Mosley, a Tuskegee Airman who rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, passed away Friday at the age of 93.

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