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2010 Direct Fly Alto Aero 912 TG
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2010 Direct Fly Alto Aero 912 TG2010 Direct Fly Alto Aero 912 TG2010 Direct Fly Alto Aero 912 TG
2010 Direct Fly Alto Aero 912 TG2010 Direct Fly Alto Aero 912 TG
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 General information
Last update
Jun. 05, 2020
Aircraft year
Poland  Poland
45,000 EUR
Aircraft year of production 2010, in exemplary condition , small flight time 269 h, Czech registration OK - VUQ 58 . No damage history, no corrosion. Always stored in a hangar and maintained by
professional companies. It has an Airworthiness certificate.

Regularly serviced. Metal construction, factory production Direct Fly s.r.o. / Czech Republic .

- Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp, carburetors, two fuel tanks, wing with a total capacity of 95 l
- electrically adjustable propeller in flight Woodcomp SR 2000
- Additional electric fuel pump Facet
- carburetor heaters, electronic soft start system, electric system for heating oil and coolant before starting the engine on cold days
- electric three-position dampers with an indicator of their position
- hydraulic brakes, disc brakes with parking brake, controlled front wheel, very spacious and comfortable cabin, with additional luggage rack for long objects (fishing rods, screen, etc.) Safe and comfortable system for moving the cabin forward
- electric trimmers: rudder and ailerons (buttons directly
on the joystick with trimmer position indicators on the instrument panel)
- rudder trimmer position indicator, Vernier throttle

- analog instruments (speedometer, altimeter, variometer (in feet), ball, electronic Stratomaster electronic horizon)
- tachometer, vacuum indicator in the intake manifold (setting the propeller at the passage)
- hour meter
- fuel level indicators x 2 (two wing tanks)
- fuel pressure indicator
- oil pressure indicator
- oil temperature
- head temperature indicator
- battery charge indicator
- electrical installation protected by thermal fuses on the board
- storage compartments for side items
- 12V socket in the cabin
- Radio ATR 833 II LCD with 150 frequency memory, DUAL-WATCH function, with integrated inercom
- Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, Garmin AERA 500 Navigation
- cabin heating
- leather upholstery
- strobe under the fuselage
- landing spotlight installation

The plane is located in Poland Slupsk Krepa airport . Private sale

Price 45 000 Euro
Tel : +48602127616
E-mail : Contact advertiser
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