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2008 Agusta AW109 E
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2008 Agusta AW109 E2008 Agusta AW109 E2008 Agusta AW109 E
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 General information
Sale / Dry lease / Wet lease
Last update
Apr. 19, 2017
Aircraft year
Monaco  Monaco
Airframe time
2,396 h
TSN: 2,396 hours,
Production Year: 2008,
Availability: Immediately,
Mission: VIP,
Status: In Operation,
Offered with a valid C of A.
We offer the Aircraft: “As is” Ex-Works Europe
Co-pilot flight/navigation instruments with Barometric
altimeter, Air speed indicator, LCD EADI & EHSI , VSI
Flight Director + autotrim FZ 702 Honeywell
Radio altimeter AA300 Honeywell
E.L.T. (3 frequencies) C406-2HM Artex
GPS interfaced w/ EHSI & BRNAV function 2101/IO Trimble
Moving Map KMD 550 King
EFIS Pilot/Co-pilot on Command Switch
Collins Proline II single pilot IFR/FAA avionic package
Pilot Navigation Instruments (LCD EADI and EHSI, stand-by ADI)
Gyrocompass C14 Honeywell
Vertical Gyro #1 46060-11 Flightline System
Vertical Gyro #2 VG-208 JET Electronices
3-axis duplex AFCS SP711 Honeywell
ADF ADF-60 Collins
Transponder (Mode S) TDR-94 Collins
VOR/ILS #1 (with MKR-BCN) VIR-32 Collins
VOR/ILS #2 (with MKR-BCN) VIR-32 Collins
VHF/AM #1 VHF-22A Collins
VHF/AM #2 VHF-22A Collins
DME DME42 Collins
Pilot ICS (including Pilot/co-pilot control panel, mode
controller, audio cabin control)
AC power supply system (two inverters)
TAS Sky 497
Weather Radar (displayed on Pilot/Co-pilot EHSI)
Additional features
Dual controls
Rotor brake
Windshield wipers - (Pilot/Co-pilot)
Wiper switch on cyclic grip
Engine compartment Fire extinguishers
Baggage Compartment 1.9m
Radio master switch with ground function
Airframe hour meter (provision only)
450 W Retractable Landing light (in lieu of (1) 250 W landing light
VLE & VLO Extension up to 140 KIAS
6 Active Noise Reduction headsets
Central single drawer
Pilot multi purpose holder
Pilot console Tray
2 pilot seats headrests
Central bench with see-through modification
Rear cabinet with bar
5/6 Conversion kit
Emergency Float provisions
RH Electrically operated passenger step
221 US GALL Fuel System (5 cells in lieu of Standard 3)
Pulsed Chip Detectors
Baggage Compartment Extension (2.3 m)
Strobe lights on horizontal stabiliser
Air Conditioning Garret ECU
Vibration Dampers
Silent Soundproofing
VIP Interior Cabin with (4+ 2) Seats
Tel. 2 : +37798800448
E-mail :
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