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2013 ShadowAir ShadowAir Talon-OPV
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2013 ShadowAir ShadowAir Talon-OPV<br>(AD PAUSED)2013 ShadowAir ShadowAir Talon-OPV<br>(AD PAUSED)
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 General information
Last update
Jul. 03, 2013
Aircraft year
Serial no.
United States  United States
Base airport
Airframe time
82 h
123 h
Total cycles
US Made 2013
Aircraft Specifications:


Wing Span: 59.1 feet
Width (Wings Folded): 23.6 feet
Wing Area: 192.7 square feet
Length: 27.9 feet
Height: 8.2 feet
Number of Seats: 2 (side-by-side)
Landing Gear: retractable
Fuel Capacity: 34.4 gallons (U.S.)


Engine: Rotax 914 turbo 115 hp
3-Blade-Prop: Variable Pitch


Rate of Climb (Sea Level/MTOW): 970 fpm
Cruise @ 9,500&#700; msl: 150 kts/172 mph
Rate of Climb @ MTOW: 970 fpm
Glide Ratio: 38:1
Range under power: 860 nm

Weights & Loadings

MTOW: 1,870 lbs
Empty Weight: 1,433 lbs
Max Load: 440 lbs
Wing Loading: 9.7 lbs per-square-foot
Power Loading: 16.5 lb/hp
G-Limits: +5.3/-2.6

Standard Equipment Specifications:

EO/MWIR Sensor

MWIR (Mid Wave Infra Red) internally cooled sensor system with Fiber Optic Gyro stabilization. Provides optimum night time vision for law enforcement, search and rescue and military missions. Both day and MWIR sensors are 640X480 pixels. The MWIR sensor offers continuous zoom from 22° to 2° Field of View.

Daylight Sensor: 640X480 pixel, 30x 0ptical zoom, 56.9° - 2° Field of View.

Night Sensor: FLIR MWIR (Mid-Wave Infra Red) 640X480 internally cooled sensor with continuous zoom 22-2° FOV for night imaging.

Stabilization Technology: Fiber Optic Gyro.

Video File Formats: H.264, AVI, MPEG4.

Snapshot File Formats: JPEG, KMZ (Google Earth, ESRI)

Moving Map: USGS topographic, Bing road map, Bing aerial photos with street names.

Command & Control: Touchscreen Tablet PC Laptop and software suite.
Additional features
Microwave Video Streaming System:

Enables password protected video streaming from the aircraft by microwave that is viewable with any web browser equipped device (iPhone, iPad, smart-phone, laptop, desktop PC).

Included are 3G/4G* and Satellite** Auto-Email Systems capable of sending emailed JPEG or Google Earth (KMZ) pictures with one keystroke while airborne or on the ground by Verizon 3G data card or Satellite data-phone.

Customer is responsible for data card purchase and account maintenance.

Customer is responsible for monthly data charges and account maintenance.

Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) streaming video capability is optional.

Included Scan Plan Software enables preprogramming a path using GEO coordinates to automatically direct the imaging system. Highly valued for recurring patrols for pre / post disaster comparison video, search and rescue, border patrol and pipeline patrol.
(Optional) Equipment Specifications:

Multi-Spectral Sensor:

State of the art multi-spectral aerial imaging solution with SWIR, LWIR and daylight sensors. Includes fusion software that is far easier to use for highlighting unique features than most other multi-spectral systems:

Daylight Sensor: 640X480 pixel, 30x 0ptical zoom, 56.9° - 2° Field of View.

Night Sensor: FLIR LWIR 640X480 pixel, Fixed field of View Lens, 10.4°.

SWIR Sensor: Short Wave Infra Red 10.4° fixed FOV.

Stabilization Technology: IMU based electromechanical.

Video File Formats: H.264, AVI, MPEG4.

Snapshot File Formats: JPEG, KMZ (Google Earth, ESRI)

Moving Map: USGS topographic, Bing road map, Bing aerial photos with street names.

Command & Control: Touch screen Tablet PC Laptop and software suite.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR):

X Band radar generates detailed real-time aerial images to enable cost-effective
Detection, location, and classification in rain, snow, fog, dust, smoke, and darkness, where other sensors fail. Provides real-time, all weather day and night sensing with change detection Command & Control by Serial TLL, RS-232 or Ethernet.

Options include: Enhanced Resolution, Extended Range, Interferometer, Dual
Polarization and Change Detection. *Subject to any applicable U.S. ITAR restrictions.
Interior  - rating: 10/10 -
Satellite Communications (SATCOM):

The system uses the unique Iridium constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that provides inherent advantages over GEO satellite constellations, delivering robust, low latency communications. Powered by the world's largest and only truly global commercial communication network, providing pole-to-pole coverage.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Upgrade:

Provides for upgrade of Talon OPV to a highly capable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle having full auto-takeoff and auto-land capabilities. The UAV upgrade includes a portable, ruggedized laptop and the requisite SatCom and ground antenna systems required to act as a fully autonomous Ground Control Station (GCS).

Lease Price Schedule:

The Talon OPV turnkey system comprises the S6-RT CS 22 Motor Glider with Standard Equipment, Crew = 2 Pilots (Optional: 1 Pilot & 1 ISR Sensor Operator)*, Maintenance, Fuel and Insurance.

Client to provide adequate lodging and meals (or to-be-determined per-diem stipend).
Exterior  - rating: 10/10 -
Client pays all crew and equipment transportation and repositioning costs.

The lease packages are based upon a client guaranty of 100 hours per month/1,200 hours per year minimum for a term of 36, 60, or 84 months.

Prices subject to change: 36 Months 60 Months 84 Months
Hourly Cost: $1,466.85 $1,206.52 $1,089.38

Lease Price Schedule (OPTIONS)

Multi-Spectral Sensor: Direct exchange in lieu of standard EO/MWIR sensor.

Duration / Schedule: 36 Months 60 Months 84 Months
SAR Hourly Cost: $454.68 $299.39 $233.93
SATCOM Hourly Cost: $206.67 $136.09 $106.33
UAV Hourly Cost: $620.01 $408.26 $318.99
Weights & Performances
We design for your success!

Our Special Services Division (SSD) provides covert air/ground surveillance teams for deployment worldwide. SSD also acts as liaison for executive protection and transportation services furnished by our select group of service providers.

ShadowAir can provide complete Security & Surveillance to Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Atomic Reactors Sites, Gas Pipelines and many other Sensitive Areas for Civilian & Borders Intelligence as well as Environmental Monitoring, Patrolling, Research, Development & Geographical Mapping are most prominent expertise of us.

Our motto perhaps says it best of all: "To Protect & Serve From Above". We will deliver, what we commit !

ShadowAir LTD.
Airborne ISR Solutions
300 Center Street, Suite G-214
Superior, CO 80027

Tel No. +1-888-731-3092 (Toll-Free)
+1-303-731-3092 (Direct)
Fax No. +1-888-731-3092
DUNS:146670778 CAGE Code: 3UXD5
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