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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (04.20.14)
Sat, Apr 19,2014 05:47:13PM EST
"The discovery of Kepler-186f is a significant step toward finding worlds like our planet Earth. Future NASA missions, like the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite and the James Webb Space Telescope, will discover the nearest rocky exoplanets and determine their composition and atmospheric conditions, continuing humankind's quest to find truly Earth-like worlds."Source: Paul Hertz, NASA's Astrophysics Division director at the agency's headquarters in Washington. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun.

Skydive Jersey Announces Shuttle Service For 2014 Season
Sat, Apr 19,2014 05:20:21PM EST
Removes 'Getting To The Airport'As An Excuse To Not Go Skydiving So imagine it's a beautiful day to go jump out of an airplane in the greater New York City area, but you just don't want to fight the traffic from the city to Pittstown, NJ, where Skydive Jersey is located.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.20.14): Ground Stop
Sat, Apr 19,2014 05:17:39PM EST
Ground Stop Ground Stops are implemented for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are: 1) To control air traffic volume to airports when the projected traffic demand is expected to exceed the airport's acceptance rate for a short period of time. 2) To temporarily stop traffic allowing for the implementation of a longer-term solution, such as a Ground Delay Program. 3) The affected airport's acceptance rate has been reduced to zero. How it works: Flights that are destined to the affected airport are held at their departure point for the duration of the Ground Stop.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.20.14)
Sat, Apr 19,2014 05:09:28PM EST
Aero Linx: The Australian Parachute Federation The Australian Parachute Federation exists to administer and represent Australian Sport Parachuting. This is achieved by promoting and maintaining a high level of safety and by improving the standard of Sport Parachuting to encourage participation and excellence in performance. The APF is the organisation which controls skydiving and parachuting at most civilian operations in Australia. With the approval of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) it sets the standards of operation, conducts competitions, issues licences and instructor ratings, conducts exams and distributes various publications to keep its members informed of current events and safety standards.

ANN FAQ: Getting The Most Out Of ANN's Newsletters
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:48:06PM EST
ANN goes through a lot of trouble to make the graphics flashy and cool and an integral part of the story. But let's face it, they're bandwidth-intensive. So here are a couple of thoughts on how to correct that problem and get the most out of Aero-News in the least amount of time.

Kepler Discovers First Earth-Size Planet In The 'Habitable Zone'
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:38:43PM EST
Kepler-186f Confirms That Worlds Like Ours Exist 'Out There'Using NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone"-- the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun.

ATK Announces $178 Million Contract Award From United Launch Alliance
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:38:27PM EST
Will Build Composite Launch Vehicle Structures For Both Atlas V And Delta IV Programs An agreement has been reached on a $178 million contract award as part of the Air Force's Phase 1 Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) buy from United Launch Alliance (ULA). The order value includes hardware for both of the current United States Air Force EELV launch vehicles, the Atlas V and Delta IV.

Transaero Airlines Completes A380 Interior Design
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:38:17PM EST
'Imperial Class'Includes 12 Closed Suites Transaero Airlines has completed the interior design of its Airbus A380s, which will join the airline's fleet in 2015. Each of the airline's four aircraft, able to accommodate 652 passengers, will be configured in three classes of service - Imperial (First), Business and Economy, providing the highest level of comfort for passengers.

CHC AW139 Fleet Sets 100,000 Flight Hour Milestone
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:38:03PM EST
Canadian Company Operates More Than 40 Of The Aircraft CHC Helicopter’s AW139 helicopter fleet has set a major operational milestone by reaching 100,000 flight hours, with the fleet leader achieving over 9,000 flight hours in less than eight years. A leading AW139 customer, CHC operates more than 40 AW139s globally performing a wide range of missions including offshore transport, search and rescue and emergency medical service.

Bombardier Aerospace Celebrates Official Launch Of CARIC
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:37:52PM EST
Consortium For Aerospace Research And Innovation In Canada Is A Research And Technology Network Bombardier Aerospace has noted the launch of the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC). An initiative of Industry Canada and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC), CARIC is a national research and technology network that unites stakeholders from industry, universities, colleges and research institutions to advance strategic aerospace technology areas and facilitate collaborative research and development.

NASA Names Six New Members To Advisory Council
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:37:41PM EST
Group Advises Senior Leadership On 'Challenges And Solutions'Facing The Agency NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has announced the appointment of six new members to the NASA Advisory Council (NAC). The group advises NASA's senior leadership on challenges and solutions facing the agency as it unfolds a new era of exploration.

Odd Tilts Could Make More Worlds Habitable
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:37:31PM EST
Discovery Could Expand Concept Of A World That Could Support Life Pivoting planets that lean one way and then change orientation within a short geological time period might be surprisingly habitable, according to new modeling by NASA and university scientists affiliated with the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

RAF Awards Contract For 'Official Sensitive'Tablet Devices
Sat, Apr 19,2014 04:37:22PM EST
Android, Windows, And iOS Devices All Included The Royal Air Force has awarded its secure Official Sensitive Managed Mobility as a Service contract to Nine23 Ltd and Akhter Computers plc.

Canadian Flight Instructor Fired Over MH370 Appearances
Sat, Apr 19,2014 02:16:12PM EST
Had Acted As An 'Expert'For CNN, Company Said He Made Canadians 'Look Bad All Over The World'A Canadian flight instructor has been terminated by a simulator business because of his appearances on CNN as an "expert"for the network's coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Airborne 04.18.14: SpaceX's Historic Pad, Sikorsky Going Presidential?, EAA B17
Fri, Apr 18,2014 06:58:00PM EST
Also: Airmen Support Pilot's Son, Beyond The Blue!, More Wrong-Way SWA Fallout, Missing WWII Airman Comes Home NASA signed an agreement with Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) for use and occupancy of the complex. It will serve as a platform for SpaceX to support their commercial launch activities. It looks like the president will be flying in a new, made in America, Sikorsky helicopter. That's because it appears Sikorsky is the only manufacturer still in the running. Both Boeing and a team consisting of AgustaWestland and Northrop Grumman have dropped out of the bidding process. This is a reunion that nobody will forget, and EAA's B-17G, Aluminum Overcast, was at the heart of the gathering. On April 14, ten World War two United States Army Air Corps veterans who represented all 10 Flying Fortress crew positions from pilot to tail-gunner were brought to Oshkosh to be reunited with the aircraft in which they helped to preserve liberty and freedom. Their ages ranged from age 90 to 94. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

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