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Airborne 08.26.16: Citation Longitude Update, Falcon 9 Display, N Shore Heli Rte
Sun, Aug 28,2016 10:07:10PM EST
Also: Aerosim Scholarship, Santa Monica Nonsense, Marine One, UAV Developer Kit, FAA Penalty, F-35 Weapons Test, Coastal Helicopters The Cessna Citation Longitude moves closer to its first flight as initial ground engine tests on its Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines have been completed. This paves the way for the prototype aircraft to take its first flight in the coming weeks. The engine tests verified the functionality of the engine start, fuel system and auto-throttle as well as interfaces with the avionics, electrical and hydraulic systems. Elon Musk has made good on his promise to memorialize the first recovery of a Falcon 9 booster by having the rocket placed on permanent display outside the company's California headquarters. The booster was placed upright outside the building over the weekend. The booster was recovered at Cape Canaveral on December 21, 2015, after delivering 11 satellites to orbit. It was the first time a booster had been recovered after an orbital insertion mission. The FAA has extended the life of the controversial north shore helicopter corridor by four years, according to a final rule posted in the Federal Register. The final rule extends through August 6, 2020 the requirement for pilots of civil helicopters to use the North Shore Helicopter Route when transiting along the north shore of Long Island. The FAA expects that four years will be sufficient time to consider results of the described research efforts in determining appropriate future actions on the rule. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

AeroSports Update: European Aerobatic Champion Determined
Sun, Aug 28,2016 10:06:57PM EST
Aerobatics Legend, Mikhail Mamistov, Takes Record Fifth FAI European Aerobatic Championship The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) European Aerobatic Championship (EAC) competition was held last week in Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic. While the competition was stiff, Mikhail Mamistov has won the championship, and it’s the fifth time he has won this title.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.29.16)
Sun, Aug 28,2016 07:04:18PM EST
"We, as an industry, can do better... and while its not an infraction on the scale of those we've documented recently with Icon and other bad actors, it apparently created enough dissatisfaction for a number of folks to call or email us about their concerns. So... a lesson to aviation marketers... tell the truth, be as open and honest as you can be, and try to put your best foot forward... to avoid the kind of problems such inaccurate email pitches can be... and the fact that those commenting on the deception indicated that they'd be hard-pressed to believe or do business with the party involved... period. Ouch..."Source: ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, commenting on a matter of ethics and integrity that was raised when one company sent out email pitches with that seemed to be offering a competitor's product at a great discount... when it plainly wasn't.

Cheesy--Or Just Plain Dishonest? FlyQ Email Suggests ForeFlight Offer--But Isn't
Sun, Aug 28,2016 07:03:06PM EST
Recent E-Mailing Suggests One Product... But Is Actually Something Else Altogether ANN has made much of the fact that we, as a community, need to be able to depend on one another as we attempt to extract ourselves from several decades of bad times. While there are a number of ways in which we can support one another while still protecting our own turf (in terms of commercial interests), fibbing to our customers or potential customers just doesn't seem to be the way to do it. You only have to look over the past many years at the mess made by Revolution Helicopter, FlightPrep, Icon Aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft, and others to see that a little bit (or a lot) of fibbing can have a significant effect on one's rep, if not the bottom line... though a few of the major fibbers, like Cirrus, seem to have gotten away with such issues a lot better than others. But we digress... Imagine our mild surprise when a few folks sent several examples of an interesting email to us that seemed to be pushing a really big ForeFlight discount -- when in fact, it was pushing a non-affiliated competitive product -- ostensibly to those who had canceled accounts with 'FlyQ'at some point in the past.

Another Tough Weekend For Airshows... Two Pilots Lost
Sun, Aug 28,2016 02:34:54PM EST
Accidents in Oregon and China Take Pilot's Lives It's been a lousy weekend to be an aviation journalist as we document the tragic loss of two well-known pilots in two separate airshows accident.. each on the other side of the world. At the 1st Silk Road International General Aviation Convention held at Danxia airport in China, well-known Red Bull pilot Michel Leusch (shown here) was lost when a performance resulted in a series of rolling descending maneuvers that inexplicablu terminated in a ground impact some 300-400 feet from the edge of the runway. Leusch made a name for himself in both model as well as full scale aviation. On the other side of the world, a 1941 450 Stearman flown by NW Aerobat Marcus Paine apparently failed to execute a loop, which terminated in contact with the ground shortly before 1500 local time, in Madras, OR. The aircraft caught fire shortly after impact but Paine was extricated quickly by first-responders... but none-the-less succumbed to his injuries.

Klyde Morris (08.29.16)
Sat, Aug 27,2016 11:24:11PM EST
When They Start Messing With The Cinnabons... They're SERIOUS! FMI:

UAV Blasted With .20 Gauge Shotgun
Sat, Aug 27,2016 11:19:48PM EST
Shooter Claims Drone 'Went Over My Airspace'A homeowner in Faquier County in northern Virginia west of Washington, D.C. used a .20 guage shotgun to take down a drone that had strayed over her property a few weeks ago.

ANN Is Hiring--AGAIN! Videographers Needed For Airborne Unlimited Program Staff
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:29:37PM EST
Videographer/Reporters Needed For New Airborne Unlimited Program Expansion Aero-News and Airborne Unlimited are expanding--and innovating! And we're seeking additional on-air video journalist(s) to assist us with our Feature and Scheduled programming. We have need for an immediate Part-Time position (Full-Time potential is high), and will need to add another staffer by the end of the year to meet some exciting upcoming obligations for extended and addditional programming initiatives. These are autonomous `one man/woman band` positions where you must be as comfortable behind the camera as in front of it. You will be responsible for presenting aviation/aerospace related news stories on camera while often handling all audio, video, and lighting as well as editing the final product.

Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.28.16)
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:27:41PM EST
"This is the perfect natural laboratory to study aerosol-cloud interactions, which are some of the largest uncertainties in the prediction of future climate."Source: Jens Redemann, ORACLES principal investigator at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, discussing what NASA scientists and two research aircraft are doing while on their way to a unique natural laboratory off the Atlantic coast of southwest Africa to study a major unknown in future climate prediction.

NASA Flies To Africa to Study Climate Effects Of Smoke On Clouds
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:26:14PM EST
Two Research Aircraft Head To Namibia Because Of Its Unique Climate NASA scientists and two research aircraft are on their way to a unique natural laboratory off the Atlantic coast of southwest Africa to study a major unknown in future climate prediction.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.29.16)
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:23:37PM EST
Aero Linx: Mission Safety International (MSI) Missionary Aviation is not for the faint of heart. Flying in remote areas of the world helping to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ requires years of training and a heart full of devotion. Yet, in spite of the dedication and professionalism of most aviation staff, there are still far too many accidents robbing missions of their effectiveness. However, for 30 years there has been help and hope coming out of the hills of eastern Tennessee. Since its incorporation as a non-profit mission agency in 1983, Mission Safety International (MSI) has worked tirelessly to meet the safety needs of mission aviation departments spread from one side of the globe to the other. While small and agile as an organization, MSI has developed connections with a host of experienced aviation and safety volunteers who can be called upon at a moment’s notice to meet specific needs just about anywhere in the world.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.28.16)
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:21:38PM EST
Aero Linx: Aviators Model Code Of Conduct Innovative tools advancing aviation safety and offering a vision of excellence for aviators, the AMCC is for use by aviation practitioners -- pilots, mechanics, organizations, and the entire aviation community. Designed to be adaptable by the implementer, it is provided without charge and periodically updated. The Aviators Model Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) offers recommendations to advance flight safety, airmanship, and professionalism. The Code of Conduct presents a vision of excellence for aviators. Its principles complement and underscore legal requirements. The Code of Conduct is a model, not a standard. Users should customize or otherwise revise the document—including title, length, and organization—to fit their needs. The Code of Conduct will be most effective if users have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of flight as well as a commitment to the pursuit of professionalism. The Code of Conduct has seven sections, each presenting Principles and Sample Recommended Practices.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.29.16): Severe Weather Avoidance Plan
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:13:52PM EST
Severe Weather Avoidance Plan An approved plan to minimize the affect of severe weather on traffic flows in impacted terminal and/or ARTCC areas. SWAP is normally implemented to provide the least disruption to the ATC system when flight through portions of airspace is difficult or impossible due to severe weather.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.28.16): Security Notice (SECNOT)
Sat, Aug 27,2016 07:10:51PM EST
Security Notice (SECNOT) A SECNOT is a request originated by the Air Traffic Security Coordinator (ATSC) for an extensive communications search for aircraft involved, or suspected of being involved, in a security violation, or are considered a security risk. A SECNOT will include the aircraft identification, search area, and expiration time. The search area, as defined by the ATSC, could be a single airport, multiple airports, a radius of an airport or fix, or a route of flight. Once the expiration time has been reached, the SECNOT is considered to be cancelled.

ANN FAQ: Share Aero-News With Your Friends
Sat, Aug 27,2016 06:13:50PM EST
Send Them A Story -- We Don't Mind! Do you need another set of eyes to see that story you can't believe Jim just wrote? Want to spread Hognose's unique wisdom and perspective to the masses, or share the latest Klyde Morris with another member of the flying community? (Or perhaps to someone who just really, really likes ants?)

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