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Classic Aero-TV: Aero-Statesman Phil Boyer – Representing The Aviation Community
Tue, Apr 22,2014 09:17:07PM EST
Retired AOPA President Still Understands What An Association Must Do To Serve An Embattled Industry Originally WebCast October 18, 2012: Its been nearly four years since Phil Boyer stepped down as the president of AOPA at the end of 2008. When Boyer took the controls in 1991 (only the third president in AOPA’s 69-year history), the GA industry was in crisis, beaten down by product liability lawsuits. He helped pass the General Aviation Revitalization Act, which turned around aircraft manufacturing. He also championed civilian use of GPS and WAAS, and later ADS-B to benefit general aviation. Boyer had quite an effect... He upgraded AOPA management and member service, resulting in a 40-percent membership growth -- despite declining pilot numbers. He devoted considerable assets to increasing GA advocacy and member benefits, while holding AOPA dues to $39 -- and left AOPA is better shape than it had ever been.

AD: Ballonbau Wörner GmbH Balloons
Tue, Apr 22,2014 09:13:05PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2014-07-10 PRODUCT: Ballonbau Wörner GmbH Models NL-280/STU, NL-380/STU, NL-510/STU, NL-640/STU, NL-840/STU, and NL-1000/STU balloons.

Airshow Pilot Bails Out After Catastrophic Aircraft Failure
Tue, Apr 22,2014 09:12:29PM EST
Planning Ahead And Staying Safe Saves A Professional Airshow Pilot Dan Marcotte describes himself on his website as being determined and driven with a sense of vision. His adventures have included racing cars and racing airplanes, and he now owns and operates Dan Marcotte Airshows. His schedule through August includes professional aerobatic performances at 7 airshows, or at least it did until he had to “hit the silk” last week.

ANN FAQ: Share Aero-News With Your Friends
Tue, Apr 22,2014 03:04:33PM EST
Send Them A Story -- We Don't Mind! Do you need another set of eyes to see that story you can't believe Jim just wrote? Want to spread Hognose's unique wisdom and perspective to the masses, or share the latest Klyde Morris with another member of the flying community? (Or perhaps to someone who just really, really likes ants?)

AD: Centrair Gliders
Tue, Apr 22,2014 03:02:54PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2014-07-08 PRODUCT: Centrair Model 101, 101A, 101AP, and 101P gliders.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.23.14)
Tue, Apr 22,2014 03:00:55PM EST
NFDD (National Flight Data Digest) A daily publication of flight information appropriate to aeronautical charts, aeronautical publications, Notices to Airmen, or other media serving the purpose of providing operational flight data essential to safe and efficient aircraft operations.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.23.14): Dihedral
Tue, Apr 22,2014 03:00:22PM EST
The positive acute angle between the lateral axis of an airplane and a line through the center of a wing or horizontal stabilizer. Dihedral contributes to the lateral stability of an airplane.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (04.23.14)
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:59:40PM EST
"I'm excited about partnering with Embry-Riddle to create technologies and development capabilities which will benefit the entire global electric flight industry."Source: Erik Lindbergh, CEO of Powering Imagination.

Discovery Channel Cancels Wing Suit Jump From The Top Of Mt. Everest
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:58:56PM EST
Avalanche Tragedy On Mount Everest Leads The Discovery Channel To Cancel Live Telecast Of BASE Jump From The Top Of The World The Discovery Channel has gained millions of viewers by broadcasting events that combine adventure and extreme sports. Their newest adventure that was to have been televised live combined mountain climbing and base jumping with a wing suit. If these 2things alone don’t give you a shudder, let’s add to that by saying the mountain to be climbed was Mt. Everest.

Air Canada Sacks Two Baggage Handlers For Luggage Abuse
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:57:45PM EST
Caught On Video Dropping Baggage 20 Feet From A Jetway To A Cart Readers of a certain age may remember a commercial for a luggage company that depicted airline baggage handlers as gorillas tossing suitcases around like toys. The point then was to sell hard-shell luggage, but the scenario played out in real life recently in Canada.

U.S. Spy Flights Conducted Over Russia ... With Their Consent
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:55:46PM EST
'Open Skies'Treaty Allows Limited Espionage Flights Over Both Countries A U.S. spy flight was conducted over Russia ... with that government's consent ... under an "Open Skies"treaty that allows both the U.S. and Russia to conduct limited espionage missions over the other's territory.

General Aviation Airplane Forced Down By Military Jets In Indonesia
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:53:55PM EST
Around-The-World Flight Was Brought To A Stop For Violating Indonesian Airspace Building your own airplane, in this case a Swearingen SX300, and then flying around the world would certainly top off your bucket list. But, that’s apparently what retired Swiss airline pilot Heinz Peier had in mind when he started his around the world flight in February 2012.

Aeroflot Expands Fleet With New A320
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:47:15PM EST
New Aircraft Named For Soviet Cosmonaut Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov Aeroflot has taken delivery of a new A320 fitted with "Sharklet"wing-tip devices. The aircraft has been named in honor of Soviet cosmonaut Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov.

Shandong Airlines Reports 50-Plane Purchase From Boeing
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:46:18PM EST
Order Would Be Worth $4.6 Billion At List Prices China's Shandong Airline says it has signed an agreement with Boeing for the purchase of up to 50 single-aisle airliners, including 16 737-800s and 34 737 MAX airplanes.

B612 Foundation Releases Video At Museum Of Flight Earth Day Event
Tue, Apr 22,2014 02:45:13PM EST
Shows Evidence Of 26 Atomic-Bomb-Scale Asteroid Impacts Since 2000 At a news conference on Tuesday at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, three prominent astronauts supporting the B612 Foundation presented a visualization of new data showing the surprising frequency at which the Earth is hit by asteroids. The astronauts were guests of the Seattle Museum for a special series of public events on Earth Day 2014.

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