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Citizen Scientists Lead Astronomers To Mystery Objects In Space
Sat, Jan 31,2015 06:13:51PM EST
'Yellow Balls'Discovered By Volunteers Studying Spitzer Images Sometimes it takes a village to find new and unusual objects in space. Volunteers scanning tens of thousands of starry images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, using the Web-based Milky Way Project, recently stumbled upon a new class of curiosities that had gone largely unrecognized before: yellow balls. The rounded features are not actually yellow -- they just appear that way in the infrared, color-assigned Spitzer images.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (02.01.15)
Sat, Jan 31,2015 06:03:36PM EST
"While this star formed a long time ago, in fact before most of the stars in the Milky Way, we have no indication that any of these planets have now or ever had life on them. At their current orbital distances, life as we know it could not exist on these ancient worlds."Source: Steve Howell, Kepler/K2 project scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California -- comenting on data from NASA's Kepler mission that has discovdered a planetary system of five small planets dating back to when the Milky Way galaxy was a youthful two billion years old.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (02.01.15): Final Approach Fix
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:37:06PM EST
Final Approach Fix The fix from which the final approach (IFR) to an airport is executed and which identifies the beginning of the final approach segment. It is designated on Government charts by the Maltese Cross symbol for nonprecision approaches and the lightning bolt symbol, designating the PFAF, for precision approaches; or when ATC directs a lower-than-published glideslope/path or vertical path intercept altitude, it is the resultant actual point of the glideslope/path or vertical path intercept.

Air Ambulance Market Size, Vendor Landscape Analyzed In New Report
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:34:59PM EST
New Global Air Ambulance Research Report Shows Projected Growth Of Nearly Ten Percent The Global Air Ambulance market is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.57% during the period 2014-2019, according to a new report "Global Air Ambulance Market 2015-2019"recently released by

US Navy Approves F/A-18 IRST System For Production
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:34:43PM EST
Long-Range Sensor System Demonstrated Production Readiness On Super Hornet The F/A-18 Super Hornet infrared search and track (IRST) system, developed and integrated by Boeing and Lockheed Martin has received approval from the U.S. Navy to enter low-rate initial production.

Astronomers Discover Ancient System With Five Small Planets
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:33:20PM EST
Kepler-444 Planets All Too Close To Their Sun For Life As We Know It To Exist Astronomers using data from NASA's Kepler mission have discovered a planetary system of five small planets dating back to when the Milky Way galaxy was a youthful two billion years old.

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Captures Best-Ever View Of Dwarf Planet
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:33:10PM EST
Most Recent Images Taken From 147,000 Miles Away NASA's Dawn spacecraft has returned the sharpest images ever seen of the dwarf planet Ceres. The images were taken 147,000 miles from Ceres on Jan. 25, and represent a new milestone for a spacecraft that soon will become the first human-made probe to visit a dwarf planet.

Wing Jet Center Awarded Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Status
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:33:00PM EST
John Wing, CEO And Owner, Honored For His Service John Wing, CEO and Owner of Wing Jet Center located at Lone Star Executive Airport (KCXO), was recently recognized for his service as an aviator during the Vietnam War by being awarded with the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business status.

PacAvi Takes First Airbus A320 For Passenger-To-Freighter Conversion
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:32:42PM EST
Initial Work Underway On Prototype That Will Be Evaluated For Certification A prototype Airbus A320 (MSN 293) has been delivered to HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH by PacAvi Group for conversion from passenger to freighter (P2F) configuration in order to finalize regulatory approval by the FAA, EASA, and other governmental authorities. Initial work has commenced on the prototype, which will be fully converted P2F on an aggressive schedule.

Botswana’s Police Air Support Branch Orders Three AS350 B3e
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:32:33PM EST
Delivery Of The New Aircraft Scheduled Later This Year Botswana’s Police Service has signed for a contract for three new AS350 B3e ‘Ecureuil” Airbus Helicopters aircraft for its Police Air Support Branch.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (02.01.15)
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:29:48PM EST
Aero Linx: The Marine Corps Aviation Association The Marine Corps Aviation Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and recognize professional excellence in Marine aviation, support the fraternal bond of its membership, preserve Marine aviation heritage and safeguard the future of Marine aviation through awards programs, events and publications.

ANN FAQ: Feel The Propwash!
Sat, Jan 31,2015 05:24:44PM EST
Get Aero-News Delivered To Your E-Mail We know you, like many of our readers, make it a point to check out the latest news and information daily on Aero-News... but did you know that we will also bring the news to you, for free? (Why? Because we're nice guys, that's why!)

Trig's In New Digs
Sat, Jan 31,2015 01:32:38PM EST
Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling MP Recognizes Company's Global Success As He Opens New Building The success of Trig Avionics Limited was celebrated Friday by the Rt. Hon Alistair Darling MP who opened Trig’s new custom built facility at Heriot Watt Research Park in Edinburgh, Scotland. This will accommodate a growing team, now based together under one roof.

Airborne 01.30.15: SpaceShipTwo Test Update, Google Lunar, CAF Hall Of Fame
Fri, Jan 30,2015 10:43:13PM EST
Also: XL-2 Returns, DJI Disables, Barnstorming On Aero-Community, Prop STC, Elon Musk, Mars-Copter Since its inception, Virgin Galactic has worked with Scaled Composites to build and test the spacecraft Virgin hopes will eventually carry paying passengers on sub-orbital spaceflights. But when the newest version of SpaceShipTwo is complete, Virgin Galactic says it will be doing the flight testing on its own. XPRIZE has announced that five Google Lunar XPRIZE teams have been awarded a combined $5.25 million in recognition of key technological advancements toward their quest to land a private spacecraft on the surface of the moon. For over 50 years the Commemorative Air Force has grown through the efforts of tens of thousands of members. A few of those members have made monumental contributions towards the success and worldwide impact that the CAF enjoys to this day. The CAF Hall of Fame was established to honor those members. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.31.15)
Fri, Jan 30,2015 04:57:01PM EST
Association of Air Medical Services The Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), based in Alexandria, Va., is the only trade association serving the entire air and ground medical transport community.

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