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Classic Aero-TV: 26,000 Pounds of Heli-Beast -- The Cold War Air Museum’s Mi-24
Sun, Aug 31,2014 10:23:19PM EST
Ugly To Many, But Incredibly Beautiful To Hard-Core Helo Fans ANN CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Jim Campbell visited the Cold War Air Museum's Mi-24 Russian helicopter at HAI a little over a year ago and just couldn’t pass it up. Jim linked up with retired Col. Pete Coz of the United States Marine Corps and asked him to explain this flying exhibit. Col. Coz said they have been working on it for about five years to get it restored to flying condition. He told us he had flown Cobra helicopters in the past and said that the Mi-24 is much heavier and therefore it flies quite differently. He said the big difference in the Russian helicopter is that the rotors turn the opposite direction.

Airborne 08.29.14: Google Drone!, Cessna's 10,000th, Bearhawk LODA
Sun, Aug 31,2014 10:14:42PM EST
Also: Big Boeing Order, Napa Tower Quaked, Landsberg Retires, Galileo Falters Breaking News! Google has unveiled an exciting new UAV project, called Project Wing, which has been under development in Australia--reportedly a more productive environment to work because of the confusion spawned by the US FAA... The 10,000th single-engine Cessna aircraft has been delivered from Textron Aviation's Independence, Kansas facility since its first delivery in June 1996. Liberty University took delivery of this milestone aircraft, a Cessna Skyhawk, along with two other Cessna Skyhawks, adding to its growing flight training fleet. Bearhawk builder, owner, and certified flight instructor, Jared Yates of Hickory, North Carolina has received a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) from the FAA allowing him to provide commercial transition flight instruction in his four-place Bearhawk. Without the LODA, commercial training in an experimental amateur built aircraft is not allowed. The FAA is still churning its way through the process of determining rules for UAVs in the National Airspace System, but that hasn't slowed down some companies from making long-range plans for the aircraft popularly known as "drones."According to reports, the latest is Disney, which through its subsidiary Disney Enterprises has filed for three UAV-related patents. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (09.01.14)
Sun, Aug 31,2014 07:19:21PM EST
“We are delighted that construction of a world-class aerospace assembly facility is underway in Lafayette and that skilled Louisiana workers will be producing the standard-bearer for a vital segment of the commercial aviation market. Companies like Bell Helicopter are recognizing what Louisiana offers the top employers of the future: a best-in-the-nation business climate, an outstanding workforce, a tremendous infrastructure and a quality of life like no other. For those reasons, Louisiana is becoming the investment state of choice for expanding businesses from around the world. We are excited that hundreds of Louisiana families will benefit from the advanced aerospace assembly operations that will take place here in Lafayette.” Source: LA Governor Bobby Jindal, commenting as Bell Helicopter commenced construction of its facility in Lafayette, LA, where the company will assemble its newest commercial helicopter, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X.

Annual Oshkosh 2014 'Best/Worst Of'Award Selection Invites YOUR Participation!
Sun, Aug 31,2014 04:06:19PM EST
YOU Can Contribute To The Annual List Compiled By The Staff and Readership of the ANN and Aero-TV! E-I-C Note: We're going to start naming names and dropping details THIS week--- this is your last chance to be heard!!! For quite a while, we have recognized the highs and lows inherent in the general and sport aviation community -- and yes, we’ve had a bit of fun in the process. There are but a few places where that is more a propos than at a major event like the Annual Oshkosh Fly-In -- a place where one can take a solid read on the heart and soul of aviation. It's hard to know what really is going to make a difference and what really qualifies as exceptional unless you've been watching this industry carefully for several years... as we have.

Klyde Morris (09.01.14)
Sun, Aug 31,2014 03:03:07PM EST
Klyde Drones On... and On... FMI:

FAA Grants STC To Trig Avionics For TT31 Transponder
Sat, Aug 30,2014 03:59:32PM EST
Allows Installation Of ADS-B Out Compliant Device In Thousands Of Airplanes The FAA has granted STC approval to Trig Avionics for the installation of its TT31 transponder with Garmin’s GNS 400W and 500W series of GPS navigators. Now thousands of aircraft owners in the U.S. have a remarkably cost effective way to become ADS-B Out compliant, using their existing GPS with a TT31 transponder.

First Ever RQ-4 Global Hawk Hits 100th Flight On NASA Mission
Sat, Aug 30,2014 03:39:58PM EST
Milestone Reached Nearly 16 Years After It First Flew In 1998 The first completed Global Hawk has made history again with its 100th flight in support of NASA environmental research. The milestone occurred on a flight from Edwards Air Force Base in California more than 16 years after its first flight in 1998. The aircraft is now at Wallops Island for a two month deployment to conduct hurricane research missions.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (08.31.14)
Sat, Aug 30,2014 03:39:10PM EST
“These aircraft work closely with other existing and future defense assets, and the Australian Customs and Border Protection aviation fleet, to secure our vitally important ocean resources, including northern Australia’s offshore energy resources and to protect our borders.” Source:Australian Minister for Defense Senator David Johnston commenting on the United States Navy's execution of an Advanced Acquisition Contract for Australia’s P-8A Poseidon aircraft.

FAA Questions Man Who Flew A UAV Over Panthers-Chiefs NFL Game
Sat, Aug 30,2014 03:35:30PM EST
Bank Of America Stadium Is Near Charlotte Douglas Airport A man who flew a camera-equipped UAV over the Panthers-Chiefs game at Bank of America Stadium has been questioned by both local authorities and the FAA.

Australian Advanced Aircraft Contract Executed By The U.S. Navy
Sat, Aug 30,2014 02:40:14PM EST
To Acquire Four P-8A Poseidon Aircraft Australian Minister for Defense Senator David Johnston announced Monday the United States Navy has executed an Advanced Acquisition Contract for Australia’s P-8A Poseidon aircraft.

HFI 2015 Scholarship Applications Open
Sat, Aug 30,2014 02:40:07PM EST
Offers 19 Scholarships To Support Students In Aviation Studies The Helicopter Foundation International (HFI) has long recognized the need for qualified commercial helicopter pilots and helicopter maintenance technicians — the current shortage is very real and many of our experienced pilots and maintenance technicians are nearing retirement age. HFI annually offers up to 19 scholarships to help support students studying to become part of tomorrow's vertical aviation industry.

ANN FAQ: Disqus
Sat, Aug 30,2014 02:39:59PM EST
A Powerful New Tool For You To Use For Your Aero-Conversations Want to start a conversation about a story you've seen on Aero-News? It's even easier with Disqus, a powerful, web-based comment tool you can use to talk about stories on Aero-News with your friends.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.31.14)
Sat, Aug 30,2014 02:39:56PM EST
Aero Linx: The Air Rescue Association The Association is organized, operated and dedicated to extending and preserving the spirit and camaraderie among persons who have been assigned or associated with the AAF/USAAF/USAF Air Rescue forces in the past, those presently serving, and those who may serve in the future.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.31.14): Towering Cumulus
Sat, Aug 30,2014 02:39:53PM EST
Towering Cumulus Another name for cumulus congestus, it is a rapidly growing cumulus or an individual dome-shaped clouds whose height exceeds its width. Its distinctive cauliflower top often mean showers below, but lacking the characteristic anvil of a cumulonimbus, it is not a thunderstorm.

Boeing Names Three Flight Scholarships Recipients
Sat, Aug 30,2014 02:39:49PM EST
Each To Receive $5,000 Award For Passing FAA Written Exam And Making First Solo Flight Boeing Flight Services has named the recipients of three $5,000 flight training scholarships to flight students who have scored 70 percent or better on their FAA written exam and also made their first solo flight. Applicants were also required to write a short essay explaining their future plans with flight. The scholarship recipients are Amy Dahlheimer, 19, of Howard Lake, Minnesota; Benjamin Lillie, 17, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts; and Shelby Scorse, 17, of Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

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