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2014 Viking DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter
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2014 Viking DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter2014 Viking DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter
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 General information
Last update
Feb. 03, 2021
Aircraft year
Serial no.
MSN 925
Switzerland  Switzerland
Base airport
Airframe time
62 h
6,605,000 USD
pratt & whitney PT6A-34
1. Aircraft DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter Serial Manufacturing Number (MSN) 925
The aircraft has not been operated, it is in a “new aircraft” condition;
MSN 925 release date July 22, 2015;
Operating time (Total flying time) is 62 hours and includes flying time according to the manufacturer's program (19 hours) and flying time for distilling aircraft to the storage site;
The aircraft is painted in a neutral paint scheme;
MSN 925 is in Canadian Registration: C-GNVA;
The aircraft is in storage and maintenance at Zimex Aviation (Switzerland), an authorized service center of the aircraft manufacturer Viking Air;
MSN 925 regularly performs all the necessary work under the maintenance program, an annual check was completed and the aircraft is fully ready for delivery within 8 weeks;
The aircraft is supplied in the complete set specified in Appendix 1;
Price of one aircraft DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter MSN 925 with delivery basis St. Gallen – Altenrhein Airport (LSZR), Switzerland, with installed additional equipment 1 308 372 USD (According to the application), is 6 605 000 USD
Flight Data Recorder(FDR)
S.O.O. 6215– Complete KHF 1050 HF Radio
S.O.O. 6214 - Electronic Display of Jeppesen Charts and Maps
S.O.O. 6213 - Electronic Display of Normal Operations Check List
S.O.O. 6217 - Second ADF
S.O.O. 6205 – Cabin Emergency Lighting System
S.O.O.6283 28V DC Plug In (Rear Cabin Stn332)
SOO-6276 - Cold Weather Operations Kit - 230V (Euro) with installation
SOO-6221 Autopilot
Additional features
Certification For Flight Into Known Ice Includes:
Heated Windscreen and Propeller Deice Options Mods 6/2022, 6/2042
S.O.O. 6202 - Propeller Deicing Boots (Electric)
S.O.O. 6004 - Airframe Deicing
S.O.O. 6187 - Glass Electrically Heated Windscreen
S.O.O. 6168 - Fuselage Ice Guards
S.O.O.6230 Rosen Flight Compartment Sun Visor Installation
S.O.O. 6274 Cargo Net
C6MK6274-1 KIT-Cargo net (1 PC) –contains the following detail parts
a) 78101–Double Stud Cargo Fitting Ø1,75in qty-20
b) C6G1501-31 Strap 180 in qty-6
c) C6G1501-29 Strap 96 in qty-5
d) C6G1501-27 Cargo Net 70x216 in qty-1
SOO 6243. 3rd Rail Seat Track
SOO 6247.Increased Fuel Capacity-Wing Tanks, 2х37 Imperial Gallons (2x287 lb Jet A fuel)
SOO 6267. Float Reinforcements @ FS111 (requirement for float operations)
Tel : +79168572158
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