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1950 Polikarpov U-2 (PO-2)
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1950 Polikarpov U-2 (PO-2)
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 General information
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Oct. 20, 2017
Aircraft year
Ukraine  Ukraine
Polikarpov U-2 (PO-2) for sale.

This airplane originally designed in 1930 by N.N. Polikarpov is completely new construction of wood frame with metal fittings and covered with synthetic fabric using original specifications and current aircraft quality materials thru-out. Designed as a training aircraft it became a multi-purpose airplane used in various climate conditions.This plane would be used for transportation of cargo and passengers, air medical services, and agriculture operations. The employment of this aircraft during the Second World War as a night bomber and liaison aircraft has become a special page in the history of this airplane.
Production was ceased in the early 1950’s but was still in use for several years after. This airplane is among the most produced is the world, estimated in the thousands.
The Po-2 is configured as a 2 seat tandem, wire braced biplane with dual flight controls. It is fitted with a Shvetsov M-11FR , 7 cylinder radial engine producing 115-125hp.
Empty weight 760kg. (1672lb)
Take off weight 1100Kg. ( 2420Lb.)
Maximum speed in level flight 152km/h ( 94mph)
Rate of Climb 3.0 m/s ( 591 ft/min.
Service ceiling 3100m (10,000ft)
Fuel consumption at 65 knots/hr. 25kg./hr (9gal/hr)
Takeoff speed 75-80 KM/H (46-50 mph)
Take off run:
Length 105 m ( 345 ft.)
Time 11 sec
Landing speed 70km/h ( 44 mph)
Landing run:
Length 119m (390 ft. )
Time 14sec
Aircraft is flight worthy and flying Total time of aircraft and engine only a few hours for testing.
Located in Kharkov Ukraine. Shipping can be arranged.
Tel : +380501931982
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